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Do you have an old Mac laptop? Wi-Fi may not work after 12/11/2016

Computers running a version of Mac OS X prior to 10.7 will not be able to connect to the svvsd wireless network after December 11, 2016. Plugging in to the wired network should allow students and staff with district accounts to log in to a laptop. The svvsd-public wireless network is also an option, but (read more)

SVVSD Networks

Wired Networks

Copper Networks – Generally the district’s buildings are wired with Cat 5 or Cat 6 cable.

Inactive Fiber Network Drops – The following building had fiber networks but are now on copper networks. The old fiber outlets plates were not removed as part of cost saving. The wiring to (read more)

Error joining SVVSD network on MDM enrolled iPad – Archive


When the user taps the SVVSD profile, the device will spin and then give an error or simply not connect.


Two possible causes are an incorrect Date and Time setting on the iPad or a problem with the SVVSD wireless profile installed on the iPad during enrollment.

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Affordable Internet at Home


How can I get affordable internet at home?


Currently, low cost options for Internet access are available from the following entities:

Comcast Internet Essentials –

NextLight – Sharing the NextLight

NOTE: These providers will NOT use the district’s Internet filtering.

(read more)

How To Remove Other Wireless from Macs


User must authenticate each time connecting to wireless


System Preferences>Network Unlock>Authenticate Wi-Fi>Advanced Click the minus sign to remove wireless not needed Click on 802 tab>minus all listed except SVVSD Click Apply