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Expectations and Commitments

The Learning Technology Plan Expectations and Commitments documents are designed to outline both our commitments to service in support of learning as well as the expectations we hold for our users.

Our goal in creating these documents was not to create a list of “dos and don’ts” but to outline the broad strokes of the (read more)

Will students be assigned the same device each year?

If the student is returning to the same school he/she previously attended then they will be reissued the same device. If the student is attending a different school they will be issued a different device. All content can be restored to the new iPad by using the same Apple ID and restoring content (read more)

Managing devices in the classroom


What do teachers need to know about managing students when using devices?


Teachers should work collaboratively with their school to set clear guidelines for students. Teachers should clearly outline when the device will be used, for what purposes and how to appropriately act in online environments. For additional support (read more)

Student Learning


How will this impact my student’s learning experiences?


The Learning Technology Plan provides extended access to digital tools that help students investigate, communicate, collaborate, create, model, and explore concepts and content in authentic contexts.

In parallel with the LTP device decisions, district curriculum coordinators are exploring a (read more)

No Students in Roster in IC


There are no students on the Roster Tab


No Primary Teacher


Checked Roster Setup Tab – has students Checked Roster Batch Edit – has students Checked Staff History Tab – no Primary Teacher Added Primary Teacher – can now see students in Roster Tab (read more)

Student Photos in IC


Where should I send the photo disc to get the pictures into IC




Send the disc to DTS Help Desk. Files must not have students and staff pictures combined