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Communicating and Providing Feedback to Students and Families in Schoology

How to give feedback and communicate with students in Schoology:

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How to communicate with parents in Schoology:

Course Updates

How to support Schoology Parent Access:

Mobile Device SupportComputer Device Support (read more)

Accessing Schoology Usage Analytics

 The School Analytics Report displays usage analytics for all users at your organization and summary data for course materials.

Login to your district provided Schoology account at Select “Tools” in the top navigation bar, then select “Usage Analytics.”Adjust the School filters to select your school.Adjust the Role filters to select specific roles at (read more)

Helping Parents in Schoology

(read more)

Accessing and Sharing Resources in Schoology

Accessing Schoology Resources

Adding Resources to Schoology School Groups (Schoology Building Admins Only)

Adding to your Personal Resources

Sharing your Personal Resources

(read more)

Adding Resources to Schoology School Groups

Resources, your personal library, is a cloud-based storage space where you can save all your courses and materials. You can use this area to create resources, as well. Anything saved in My Resources can be copied and transferred into any or all of your courses. Once copied into a course, the material can be (read more)

Accessing Resources in Schoology

Every teacher has access to Group Resources. Inside Group Resources, is a list of all groups to which you belong, as well as your School Resources. Staff associated with that school already have access to Group Resources for their associated buildings. Below are the instructions on how to access curated resources. If you would like to (read more)

Adding an Co-teacher in Schoology

Login to Schoology and choose the desired course.On the left side of the page, choose “Members.”Add MembersUse the drop down and choose your school. Start typing in the name of the person you wish to make an admin in the search box and select.Find the name of the person that you want to make (read more)