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Schoology for Parents (Spanish)

Instrucciones depadres de Schoology Inicie

inicio de sesión parasesión en Schoology con una computadora portátil, computadora de escritorio o Chromebook con las siguientes instrucciones:

vaya a app.schoology.comTodas las cuentas de Schoology para padres se crean automáticamente 1 día después de que se crea la cuenta del portal para padres Infinite Campus. Incluso si nunca (read more)

Schoology Grade Passback FAQ’s

Which gradebook is considered “official?”Infinite Campus is the district’s gradebook-of-record. To stay ahead of any confusion, please be sure to reiterate this with students and parents. Can I still use Infinite Campus  to create assignments and enter grades?Yes, assignments can be created in either (or both of) Schoology and/or Infinite Campus. Any assignments put (read more)

Parent Walk Through Video

Schoology Round-Up 2018

Another year as has come and gone. Here is a recap of Schoology at SVVSD.


Some numbers from the year:

Over 1.6 Million assignments have been turned in via Schoology

1.2 Million file uploads

Over 100 Million page views

Overall visits were up over 4%


Below are the year to year trends (read more)

Adding an External Tool to Schoology Courses

Learning Tools Interoperability or LTI integrates applications with Schoology (LMS). With LTI these learning applications are called Tools ​and the LMS, or learning platforms, are called Tool Consumers​.

If you have an interactive assessment application, it can be securely connected to Schoology. This needs to be set at the district level before you can add (read more)

Transferring Schoology Resources

If you are leaving SVVSD but would like to take your Schoology Resources with you please follow the steps below.



Schoology Gradebook Exceptions

If you create and assignment in Schoology but never grade it, parents can receive an email notification from Schoology alerting them of that their child had a ‘missing’ or ‘overdue’ assignment (example below). In some cases the student just hasn’t done the assignment, but in others, the assignment was never meant to be graded by (read more)

Schoology for Substitutes


Schoology is the SVVSD Learning Management System. The primary function of an LMS is to get digital information from the teacher out to the student, and from the student back to the teacher. So, think assignments, quizzes, tests, discussion boards and so on. Schoology can do a lot more than that, but that is (read more)

Backing and Restoring up Schoology Courses

The steps below show you how to make the transition from one grading period to the next. Your building Schoology Contact can help out with this as needed. If you are reading this after you course has been archived, don’t panic, and please see the ‘Wait I didn’t Back up My Course‘ section below (read more)