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Resources Information

This page is for SVVSD Resources in Schoology Tips and Tricks

Converting and Downloading Virtual Labs/ Worksheets to PDF’s – Some Virtual Lab Worksheets are .rft files and need to be converted to PDF’s in order for students to edit in Notability. Below are the steps.

Double click/Download worksheet (Student edition, the teacher edition (read more)

Schoology – Troubleshooting the Google Drive Assignments App

The Google Drive Assignments App leverages the permission-sharing capabilities of Google Drive. A student copy of the assigned document is created when a student opens an assignment using the Google Drive Assignments App. This copy is only shared with the instructor who created the assignment and the student who opens it.

Sometimes, errors can occur for (read more)

Rearranging Your Courses in Schoology

If you do not like the order that your Schoology courses are coming up in, you can easily rearrange it.

First, click on “St. Vrain Valley Schools” in the upper left corner, allowing you to get to the main page. Then, click on “Course Dashboard.”

Here, you can rearrange the courses by dragging (read more)

How to Upload Google Forms to Schoology

Once your Google Form is created, you can upload it to Schoology in multiple ways. But, respondents must be signed into their SVVSD Google account in a different tab to be able to access the form.

Embed a Google Form in a Page

To embed your Google Form in a page, open your form (read more)

How to Embed Content in Schoology

Note: Google Forms must be added differently. Click here to see how to embed forms.

Begin by logging into Schoology and opening your desired course.Click “Add Materials” then “Add Page.” Title your page and add any description or text you would like to in the box.When you are ready to embed content, click on (read more)

Schoology Assignments vs. Schoology Events

There are many ways for students to stay organized in Schoology using the calendar feature, as assignments and events for classes show up on the students’ Schoology calendars. However, it is important to differentiate between an assignment and an event.

Assignments are useful when students need to turn work in on Schoology, whether it (read more)

Schoology: Building Your Course

Schoology has a wide variety of features and capabilities, allowing teachers to create a course best suited for them and their students. To learn how to navigate Schoology and how to utilize its many features, click on the desired topic below and watch or read the linked content.

A Beginner’s Guide to Navigating Schoology (read more)

How do teachers, students and staff access Resources from the Schoology App?

Click on the 3 linesClick on your name Click on St. Vrain Valley SchoolsClick on Resources

How to Turn in a Schoology Assignment using Google Drive

1. In a Schoology assignment page, select “Submit Assignment.”2. Select the “Resources” tab.3. Select the “Apps” icon, then select the “Google Drive Resource App.” You may need to select “Approve” if this is your first time using the app.4. Select the check box on the document or item you would like to submit.5. Select (read more)

Schoology and Infinite Campus: Discrepancies with Grades

If you use grade passback and there are discrepancies between your Schoology and Infinite Campus gradebooks in which the grades are different for the same student, please check the following settings. 

Double check that categories in both Schoology and Infinite Campus are the same weight and name. For example, “Assessments” are weighted at 70% (read more)