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iPad Restriction Settings

All district devices enrolled in our mobile device management (MDM) system receive a base set of restrictions: elementary, middle school, high school, or staff. The level of restrictions is based on the school the iPad is assigned to and the individual who enrolled the iPad.

This helps to ensure that every device receives the correct (read more)

Understanding Family Home Filtering and Restriction Scenarios

This document outlines several options for families to use to filter the Internet connection available to their students. While the Internet will be filtered at school, families may choose to implement filtering options on their home networks, as student devices will not, at this time, be filtered beyond the school. Be aware that any filtering (read more)

iPad Troubleshooting Guide – Try these first

Here is an explanation of the some of the common steps to take when troubleshooting issues on an iPad.


If you’re having trouble with a particular app, try quitting out of and re-opening the app.

Double-tap the Home button to bring up a list of all open apps Swipe left or right to scroll (read more)

Elevated Restrictions Settings for LTP iPads

Schools have the option of installing a configuration profile onto student iPads that sets an elevated restrictions level beyond the default restrictions.

There are three levels of elevated restrictions:

Level 1 Removes the Apple App Store Level 2 All Level 1 restrictions AND: Disallows removing apps from the iPad Disallows the ability to erase all (read more)

Healthy Device Practices at Home


How can I support healthy device use and limits at home?


A digital device in the home can be a wonderful thing for the whole family to extend learning beyond the school day. The family can record special moments to send to family far away, or FaceTime Grandma into (read more)

Setting Restrictions on student iPads


Can I control what my student does on their iPad?


Yes. Schools will provide information to assist you in making healthy digital choices for your student. You as a parent will be able to set limitations on your student’s device including restrictions on access to installing apps without your (read more)