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JamfControl is a dashboard application that gives school MDM administrators the ability to perform certain actions on student iPads in their buildings.

*Access to JamfControl is only available to those who complete MDM training. Please submit a work order to arrange training.

JamfControl Training Resources – These are short videos about how to use JamfControl. (read more)

Removing VPN applications installed on district iPad

This policy will lock down any iPad which has reported that a VPN application is currently installed. VPN applications are used to bypass our network security and filter. They also cause issues when trying to connect to content and material that is only available from the district network.

Update – with the release of iOS (read more)

BYOD – Remove from MDM

BYOD devices enrolled in our MDM receive many settings, such as wireless, restrictions, and apps. When these are no longer needed the device can be removed from the MDM.

(read more)

Mobile Device Management and Student iPads

Mobile Device Management and Student iPads

What is Mobile Device Management (MDM)?

MDM is a process used by the district to remotely manage and configure iPads. Using an MDM server, the district can:

Install, analyze and change apps, settings, and restrictions Publish a list of recommended apps and provide licenses for (read more)

[ARCHIVED] MDM User Guide for School Admins


This information is out of date. For current information, refer to the Jamf support documentation.

Absolute MDM (Mobile Device Management) User Guide (for mac users)

-Written for St. Vrain Valley School MDM Admins

MDM User Guide for School Admins

VPP token for MDM (annual task)

If your school has paid for a building-wide iPad app that is distributed through the District MDM solution, you’ll need to provide a small text file called a token to DTS every year. The token authorizes our MDM server to distribute paid apps on your behalf.

To begin the token download, first go to the (read more)

Erasing an iPad Using the MDM

School staff and DTS have the ability to remote erase iPads using JamfControl.

When should this command be used?

This command is used when a student leaves the school without erasing the iPad assigned to them. It should never be used on an iPad that is lost or missing as it will keep the user (read more)

Jamf – School Users | DTS

The district’s Mobile Device Management (MDM) tool, Jamf, is used to provide support and management of district iPads. Both school staff and DTS can use Jamf to perform tasks on iPads remotely.

School staff can use Jamf Control to perform the following tasks on student iPads assigned to their school:

Identify particular devices (such as (read more)

Elevated Restrictions Settings for LTP iPads

Schools have the option of installing a configuration profile onto student iPads that sets an elevated restrictions level beyond the default restrictions.

There are three levels of elevated restrictions:

Level 1 Removes the Apple App Store This will also hide App Updates in Settings > iTunes & App Store, which prevents the option of apps (read more)