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Macintosh Laptop Computer

The standard St. Vrain Valley School District Macintosh laptop computer is a 13-inch MacBook Air.

Click here for a MacBook Air Diagram and Distribution Checklist

iCloud- How Your Macbook and iPad Play Together

iCloud is Apple’s cloud service that allows you to connect your new laptop and your iPad in some awesome ways. While I try to unpack some of the features of iCloud in this post, it is not nearly as thorough or as deep as the one that can be found here. Since only 5GB of (read more)

Keyboard Tips

Keyboard Shortcuts

Command (⌘)-Spacebar: Opens Spotlight for searching for files

Command (⌘)-Tab: Shows open programs. If you hold down the Command and repeatedly press Tab, you’ll switch between all open programs. You can also quit applications by hitting the Q while the Command is still held down.

Command (⌘)-Q: Quit programs

Command (⌘)-Shift-3: (read more)

Saving Documents in Specific Locations

When saving documents, the dialog box that appears will only show one location by Where. To see more options, look for the small disclosure triangle to the right of the Save dialog box. When you click it, even more options for saving in specific location appear:

(read more)

Customizing Your MacBook

In this article you will learn where to go and how to make adjustments to your MacBook.

Select the apple  in the top left hand corner of your screen, and select System Preferences. 

System Preferences is the place to customize your MacBook. Not only can you make changes in this window, but you’ll often find out (read more)

Word Processing Options on Your MacBook

There are 3 main word processing options for your Macbook.

         Apple iWork Suite                 Microsoft Office Suite                                 Google Drive





Each tool (read more)

Delete Keychain


How to resolve the Keychain error message:

Quit all applications In the Finder bar select Go, then select Go to Folder… In the Go to Folder window type ~/Library/Keychains

Select all the files and folders in the Keychains folder and drag to Trash Important: Restart the computer After restarting and logging back in, if (read more)

AirServer Setup

AirServer is an application that allows for broadcasting an iOS device screen to the screen of a Mac computer, which is useful for presenting with an iPad. In addition, it’s great for help desk support, allowing for an iPad screen to be visible on a Mac desktop, which the help desk (read more)