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Setting Home Pages on Mac Internet Browsers

All internet browsers on a Mac allow you to determine the pages that open when you launch the browser. To get started set up the browser with the tabs you want it to launch on start up.

Once the tabs are the way you wants you can set the preference.

Here are directions for all (read more)

Computer repair procedure

This document is intended as a guide for repairs and may not fit every situation. Parts or repair costs will be evaluated against the cost of an equivalent replacement computer, with the computer value depreciating at 20% per year over its 5-year viable life.

DTS will not charge labor, so all costs below (read more)

Removal of PaperCut client

The PaperCut agent had been installed across the district to provide pop-up printer messages and display real-time printing usage when printing to a SPEAR printer. The district is not currently using some of the more advanced features of the client software, so we will be removing it from desktop and laptop computers in the coming (read more)

Update Chrome

To update Chrome on a Mac laptop or desktop (not in citrix):

Open Chrome. To the right of the Apple click on Chrome, in the drop down select About Chrome.

It will open a tab and search for updates. Invariably it will fail the first time. Close the tab it opened. Repeat the process, (read more)

Mac Mini resolution issue when projecting

If you are experiencing an issue where text is nearly unreadable when projected from an LTP Mac Mini, please check the following settings:

Go to System Preferences (often found on the dock) and select Displays.

Display settings refresh rates

Under the Displays menu you may need to change the refresh rate. On Mac (read more)

Access the SVVSD Share from a Mac

Note: this will only work for a Mac on a district wired connection or svvsd wireless.

1. From the Finder (click anywhere on the desktop), click Go > Connect to Server…

Screen Shot of Finder Screen

2. Enter the Server Address: smb://, click [+] to save this (read more)

List of Supported Equipment

Below is a list of types of supported equipment. To verify the exact date of purchase, visit the SVVSD Equipment Details (Device Age) page.

The purchase date of the equipment will determine support. Equipment purchased more than 5 years prior to the start of a school year will no longer be supported. For example, in (read more)

DTS Supported Equipment

As we add a large amount of equipment with the Learning Technology Plan (LTP), it’s necessary to have a plan for the retirement of outdated equipment. The basics of this plan will follow the philosophy of the LTP, with desktop and laptop computers being retired after 5 years, and mobile devices after 4 years. The (read more)

Mac Desktop

The standard SVVSD Mac Desktop computer consists of an Apple Mac mini mounted with a bracket on the back of an ASUS Monitor.

Click here for a Mac Mini Diagram

How To Remove Other Wireless from Macs


User must authenticate each time connecting to wireless


System Preferences>Network Unlock>Authenticate Wi-Fi>Advanced Click the minus sign to remove wireless not needed Click on 802 tab>minus all listed except SVVSD Click Apply