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Annual Tasks Timeline

We’ve mapped out the set of tasks that occur every year as well as the group responsible for the tasks. You can find the specific dates on the LTP project status page, here’s an overview of the entire list.

Date Task Department/Group Early August * Begin LTP Support process email series to schools Help Desk (read more)

SVVSD LTP Provided Apps

Below are links to lists of apps that are provided by SVVSD for LTP devices and eligible students and staff.

To learn more about an app, click on the app name. For directions on loading an app through our MDM, click here. Please review the Guidelines for iOS App Purchases before submitting a Request to (read more)

School iPad Support Processes Overview Flowchart

To download a copy, click here.

iPad and laptop return process for exiting staff

If a teacher is leaving the district:

Please collect the laptop, iPad, case, and power adapters. Have the employee erase the iPad by going to Settings > General > Reset > Erase all Contents and Settings and following the on-screen prompts. Power off the iPad by holding the power button at the top and then (read more)

iPad Troubleshooting Guide – Try these first

Here is an explanation of the some of the common steps to take when troubleshooting issues on an iPad.


If you’re having trouble with a particular app, try quitting out of and re-opening the app.

Double-tap the Home button to bring up a list of all open apps Swipe left or right to scroll (read more)

Process for LTP classroom Mac mini walkthrough and distribution

As part of the LTP, classrooms will be outfitted with a Mac mini. The timeline for these distributions can be found on the When page of the LTP blog. School specific information can be found on the LTP calendar and the site-by-site page.

Areas eligible to receive a classroom Mac mini through the (read more)

Missing iOS Device School Procedure

What do I do if a student can’t find their iPad?

First, ensure that school administration and your SRO are informed. Use Find my iPad to attempt to locate the device. If the device is at a location that is unknown to the user, DO NOT attempt to recover the device without (read more)

Staff iPad Assign and Unassign Procedures

Internal processes for DTS:

When an Assign or Unassign work ticket is received, the following procedures should be followed.

To assign a new staff member to an iPad:

If school indicated in the ticket that an iPad was available on site, deliver a cable for the new teacher. If school requests an iPad be delivered: (read more)

Mac Mini resolution issue when projecting

If you are experiencing an issue where text is nearly unreadable when projected from an LTP Mac Mini, please check the following settings:

Go to System Preferences (often found on the dock) and select Displays.

Display settings refresh rates

Under the Displays menu you may need to change the refresh rate. On Mac (read more)