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Summer 2021 Student Device Support Request Forms

Sites’ Request Forms Erie Elementary School Erie High School Longmont Feeder Lyons Elementary School Rocky Mountain Elementary School Background As students will now be keeping their technology over the summer for the first time, we have an opportunity to plan together what support for families might look like when school building our closed. In the …

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LTP Expectations & Commitments – Infinite Campus Parent Portal

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The Learning Technology Plan Expectations & Commitments form is now available for parents to sign through the Infinite Campus Parent Portal. El formulario de Expectativas y Compromisos del Plan de Aprendizaje Tecnológico ahora está disponible para que los padres lo firmen a través del portal de padres Infinite Campus. Parents log into Infinite Campus through …

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LTP iPad Repair Process

A repair work ticket is submitted by a school. The Insurance status of the iPad’s assigned user must be assessed. Students for whom it is their first incident, will be issued a replacement. Mark the date and IM reference number on the SV iPad Insurance tab in Infinite Campus. As of the start of the …

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LTP TeCHoices Explore Kit

picture of Merge Cube

Providing students tools and opportunities to explore and engage in new, rich learning experiences is an essential component of the Learning Technology Plan. The LTP TeCHoices Explore kit provides your school with the tools needed to explore places and engage in experiences that might otherwise be inaccessible. What’s included: Choose from ONE of these options: …

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LTP Techoices Code Kit

Cue robot pack

Coding is a skill that teaches problem solving and team work across many discipline areas. This kit will provide codable objects to support a classroom of students. What’s included: Choose from ONE of these options: Option 1: Bluebots 3 Bluebot Hive Bundles Option 2: Dash & Dot K-5 Classroom Pack with 3 year subscription to …

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LTP Techoices Collaborate Kit

photo of ASUS projector

Working in pairs or small teams is a part of many student activities. This kit provides tools for small groups to project and share ideas with one another. What’s included: Quantity Item 10 Portable projector 10 lightning-HDMI adapters

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LTP Techoices Create Kit

Giving students the tools they need to create artifacts to demonstrate learning is a powerful part of supporting engaged learning. This kit provides students with tools to draw, sketch, annotate, and write more effectively with their iPad. What’s Included: Choose one of these 3 options: Option 1   Option 2   Option 3 Quantity Item …

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LTP TeCHoices Communicate Kit

Portable greenscreen behind an iPad on a tripod with microphone and lighting kit attached.

Learning to communicate effectively is an essential part of all academic areas. The LTP TeCHoices Communicate kit provides your school with the tools needed to create videos, audio recordings, and 360 images. All tools in this kit are designed to integrate with the use of an iPad. Support documentation for this kit can be found …

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Publishing Family Connections Newsletter (DTS only)

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Lost and Theft Process (Elementary)

IMPORTANT! Time is of the essence in this process. Please make sure that teachers and students know to report any loss or theft immediately. What do I do if a teacher can’t find a classroom set iPad? First, ensure that school administration is informed. A school administrator or LTP – MDM School Manager can follow these directions …

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