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Lost and Theft Process (elementary)

IMPORTANT! Time is of the essence in this process. Please make sure that teachers and students know to report any loss or theft immediately.

What do I do if a teacher can’t find a classroom set iPad? First, ensure that school administration is informed. A school administrator or LTP Missing iPad Designee can follow these (read more)

What to do if your iPad is lost or stolen

Do you think the iPad was lost at school? Follow these steps first!

From Apple Support:

Inform your school administrator and SRO. Try to locate your device Secure your information If still not found, complete a report with your school

Important: If your iPad is lost and you locate it using the steps (read more)

Find My iPad


How do I setup “find my iPad”?


Please follow these instructions to enable “Find My iPad.” For a visual guide please access this resource.

Go to settings Click on iCloud Turn on Find My iPad (You will know it is on when the button is green)