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Reset iPad with Unknown Passcode

Symptoms: Person assigned to iPad is unavailable and the passcode is unknown. Resolution: Open iTunes on a computer. Connect the iPad to the computer while holding the Home and Power buttons on the iPad. Do not release the buttons until the following screen appears on the iPad. Complete the instructions on the computer to restore …

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Removing Credit Card Information from an Existing Apple ID

Using iTunes on a Mac or PC (Scroll down for directions for an iOS device) Open the iTunes application. Make sure that you are logged in to iTunes using the correct Apple ID. You can access your account through the Account tab, View My Account.  Enter your Apple ID Password and click View Account. Select Account and …

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Parental Restrictions

Apple’s Screen Time tool allows parents to set up additional restrictions on their child’s district iPad. Click here to learn more about setting up Screen Time restrictions. For more in-depth information regarding the instructional impact when setting restrictions, please read the sections below. Restrictions that may have an instructional impact: Safari – Apple’s built-in Internet …

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New LTP iPad Teacher Setup

 Have you read through Expectations and Commitments? Click here for a slide show with screenshots of the following steps. Complete Initial Set Up You may have to power the iPad on first. Press the button on the upper top right of the device and hold it until you see the Apple symbol appear. Swipe to …

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