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TestNav on iOS devices

When setting up a device with TestNav please follow the steps below

Quick tips before you install the app- iPad must have the volume buttons pointing up while sitting in keyboard mount. The keyboard will only be needed for the typing parts of the exam.

Open Self Service

2. Click on the (read more)

iPad Check Out

Beginning fall 2019, we will no longer be using Destiny as our iPad inventory system. To check out iPads, please use the iPad Inventory site.

Check Out

1. Log in to the iPad Inventory site with your district username and password.

2. In the upper right menu, select the Check In/ Out option.

3. (read more)

Summer iPad Access for Students


Goal: To provide students literacy opportunities over the summer through access to the online digital library and other literacy apps and programs.

DTS Commitments & Responsibilities:

Provide MDM training for school point of contact so that s/he may submit tickets for repairs and lost/missing and support families over the summer.

Install the Level (read more)

Use Infinite Campus to Locate My iPad – Secondary Students

Secondary students can attempt to self-locate their iPad within any school building by following these simple steps:

Log into Infinite Campus through the Internet Click Locate My iPad (lower left column) The information returned includes: Building – school building where iPad was last online Room/Area – location of the wireless access point to which the iPad was last (read more)

Ten Tips for Using Your iPad

1. Open the Control Center

From the home screen, swipe down from the upper right corner to find shortcuts to the camera, timer, brightness, rotation lock, and more.

2. Get Organized

Have an app on your classroom iPads that you want to delete? (By default, elementary students cannot (read more)

Elementary LTP End-of-Year Processes

Health Check


Verify that all classroom equipment (iPads, accessories, etc.) are accounted for and undamaged. Add a line item on teacher check-out sheets for this task.

Screen is undamaged No corner damage from drop or impact iPad is not bent iPad can be powered on Home and volume buttons are working Headphone jack (read more)

iPad Check-In

This article explains the basics of how to use the SVVSD iPad Check-In application.  For more information about the LTP check-in process click here.


1. Open up a browser and go to

2. Enter your district username and password.

3. Select a site from (read more)

Elementary LTP Beginning-of-Year Processes

Technology Provided

In addition to grade-level classroom sets of iPads, elementary schools will receive storage cabinets and accessories. Click here for a list of all technology that will be provided to elementary schools by the LTP.

The iPads should be checked out to the teachers.

Set Up

Directions for setting up the class set of (read more)

LTP Elementary Classroom iPad Sets

In addition to sets of iPads, each elementary grade-level classroom will receive the following:

Kensington Sync & Charge Cabinet

The cabinets come with a power cable, syncing cable, hardware, and two keys. The syncing cable and screws can be stored. Each cabinet comes with two keys. The keys are unique to each cabinet so be (read more)