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Backing up Data from iPad Apps — Español

Click here for “Backing up Data from iPad Apps” in English. Todos somos responsables para hacer una copia de respaldo del contenido en nuestro iPad que nos gustaría guardar Ojo: ¡Con los iPads de SVVSD no recomendamos que haga una copia de respaldo con iTunes! Para guardar proyectos completados de estas aplicaciones a su Google Drive, es necesario …

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Connection Guide for Classroom with HDMI or Apple TV

iPad tethered to MacBook Air with HDMI connection This method consists of connecting your iPad to your MacBook Air via the USB port on your HDMI dongle, then connecting an HDMI cable into the dongle and your classroom’s HDMI wall jack.  This option would be the least mobile, as you will need to leave all …

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Webex Low-Bandwidth Mode on iPads

Audio and video performance may improve by choosing “Low-Bandwidth Mode” on your iPad. Tap on the Webex Meetings app to open it Tap on the Settings icon in the upper left corner Tap on Audio & Video Scroll down and turn Low-Bandwidth Mode ON

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Elementary Beginning-of-Year Processes

Checking out and Enrolling iPads (for Individually Assigned iPads) Elementary Classroom Sets and Accessories iPad Setup for Shared Classroom Sets Setting a Custom Wallpaper on Classroom Sets

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Student iPad Distribution – Checkout and Enrollment

All Students – iPad Checkout All iPads assigned to individual students PK-12 must be checked out to the student in our district inventory system. Directions for checking out iPads can be found here. Elementary – Enrollment Elementary students who are receiving an individually assigned iPad must enroll the iPad. Slideshow directions PDF Handout directions Secondary …

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LTP iPad Repair Process

A repair work ticket is submitted by a school. The Insurance status of the iPad’s assigned user must be assessed. Students for whom it is their first incident, will be issued a replacement. Mark the date and IM reference number on the SV iPad Insurance tab in Infinite Campus. As of the start of the …

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TestNav on iOS devices

When setting up an iOS device with TestNav please follow the steps below. Quick tip: If the iPad is sitting in a keyboard mount, make sure the volume buttons are pointed UP before you install the app. The keyboard will only be needed for the typing parts of the exam. Install TestNav Open Self Service …

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iPad Check Out

Beginning fall 2019, we will no longer be using Destiny as our iPad inventory system. To check out iPads, please use the iPad Inventory site. Note: The directions below are for checking in and out iPads on an individual basis through the year. During refresh, please follow these directions instead. Check Out 1. Log in …

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Use Infinite Campus to Locate My iPad – Secondary Students

Please note: Due to a change in iPadOS, these directions will not work to locate a device running iPadOS 14 without a settings change. This article will be updated when this changes. To re-enable Locate My iPad functionality on an iPad OS 14 device, please view these directions and disable Private Address for the svvsd …

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