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Setting Home Pages on Mac Internet Browsers

All internet browsers on a Mac allow you to determine the pages that open when you launch the browser. To get started set up the browser with the tabs you want it to launch on start up.

Once the tabs are the way you wants you can set the preference.

Here are directions for all (read more)

Blocked iOS Apps

The following is a list of blocked iOS Apps.

If these apps are accessed while on the district’s network, all internet access is blocked to the device for 1 minute.


The following apps are blocked by the web filter.

Yik Yak

Provisioning Profiles

A provisioning profile is a security certificate created by a third party developer that, when installed, allows the user to add apps to a device that would otherwise not be permitted to load onto the device. For example, a third party developer has created a provisioning profile that when installed allows users to access GameBoy (read more)

Error joining SVVSD network on MDM enrolled iPad – Archive


When the user taps the SVVSD profile, the device will spin and then give an error or simply not connect.


Two possible causes are an incorrect Date and Time setting on the iPad or a problem with the SVVSD wireless profile installed on the iPad during enrollment.

read more)

Affordable Internet at Home


How can I get affordable internet at home?


Currently, low cost options for Internet access are available from the following entity:

Comcast Internet Essentials –

NextLight – Sharing the NextLight

NOTE: These providers will NOT use the district’s Internet filtering.

(read more)