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Installing Insight Application for ACCESS Testing Using Self Service for Mac Computers

To install the Insight Application for ACCESS testing using Self Service for Macs, you must first load the Self Service application. Click the magnifying glass icon in the upper right corner of the screen next to the clock to open Spotlight Search. Then type ‘self service’ as shown in the picture below, and hit enter (read more)

Configure Insight Application for Access ELL Testing (Org Unit ID)

Before using the Insight Application for Access ELL testing, testing devices will need to be configured with their assigned Org. Unit ID.

Launch DRC Insight Application. At the “Configuration not found” screen click on “Assign Device to Org. Unit “. Type assigned Org. Unit ID and click on “Add”. Review Device Registration information and click (read more)

Diagnostics for Insight (ACCESS testing application)

There is a diagnostics tool in the Insight application for ACCESS testing. The process for accessing the diagnostics is the same no matter which device you use. (Mac, Chromebook, etc.)

Here are the steps to access it.

First, load the Insight application.

Look for the purple checkmark at the bottom left of the screen, (read more)