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Printing Report Cards/Transcripts on Portal

Elementary Report Cards: The Elementary Report Cards are available on the Parent Portal. On the Index (3 lines) > More > Quick Links > Elementary Report Card. If you have more than one student the report cards will be ‘stacked’. Scroll down to see the next report card. Here are instructions for printing or (read more)

Helping Parents in Schoology

(read more)

Infinite Campus Quick Student Check

For a quick look at a student’s Contact Information, Today’s Schedule, Grades and Attendance in Infinite Campus, perform these steps:

When a teacher logs into Infinite Campus, they will land at the Control Center.

From the Control Center under Attendance Teachers can either click the number, 26/28 for example or ‘Take’ and (read more)

Schoology Grade Passback FAQ’s

Which gradebook is considered “official?”Infinite Campus is the district’s gradebook-of-record. To stay ahead of any confusion, please be sure to reiterate this with students and parents. Can I still use Infinite Campus  to create assignments and enter grades?Yes, assignments can be created in either (or both of) Schoology and/or Infinite Campus. Any assignments put (read more)

View Missing Assignments in Infinite Campus

There are multiple ways for teachers to access missing assignments for their students. To access the missing assignments for a specific class there are a few options; via the grade book or a canned report (created by IC, option 1 & 2 below). Or they can retrieve missing assignments for all the classes a student (read more)

Use Infinite Campus to Locate My iPad – Secondary Students

Secondary students can attempt to self-locate their iPad within any school building by following these simple steps:

Log into Infinite Campus through the Internet Click Locate My iPad (lower left column) The information returned includes: Building – school building where iPad was last online Room/Area – location of the wireless access point to which the iPad was last (read more)

Post Grades from Post Grades module

This method of grading is used when you don’t need to create Categories yet need to give students grades. One example is Teacher Aide classes.

Expand the Index > scroll down and click on Post Grades.

Select the Section you want to grade from across the top. Then click on Fill Percent, Grade, Comment.

(read more)

Posting Grades for Withdrawn Students

Teachers will need to change their view in the Grade Book to show Withdrawn Students. To do this they go to Account Settings. Uncheck the box for Show Active Students Only and Save. Go in to the Grade Book and Post grades to Quarter 1. Withdrawn students whose names are red will not post. (read more)

Infinite Campus Assignment Enhancements

Infinite Campus Assignment Creation Enhancements August 2017

With the update taken on August 6 the look of Campus Instruction and Assignment Creation have changed somewhat. You may add any course that you teach to an assignment. If you would like to organize your assignments by Units and Lesson Plans please contact the IC folks at (read more)