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What to do if your iPad is lost or stolen

From Apple Support:

Inform your school administrator and SRO. Try to locate your device Secure your information If still not found, complete a report with your school

Important: If your iPad is lost and you locate it using the steps below (and it is not in your home, car, at school, etc), Do (read more)

New LTP iPad Teacher Setup

Have you read through Expectations and Commitments?

Complete Initial Set Up

You may have to power the iPad on first. Press the button on the upper top right of the device and hold it until you see the Apple symbol appear. Swipe to the right when you see the Welcome page. Select (read more)

Backing up your iOS Device

Backing up an iPad is different than backing up a computer. The approach to backing up iPads is to back up content. Here are a couple articles about backing up your district iPhone or iPad.



Google Drive – This is the manual alternative. Unlimited storage and your data can only be (read more)