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Infinite Campus Quick Student Check

For a quick look at a student’s Contact Information, Today’s Schedule, Grades and Attendance in Infinite Campus, perform these steps:

When a teacher logs into Infinite Campus, they will land at the Control Center.

From the Control Center under Attendance Teachers can either click the number, 26/28 for example or ‘Take’ and (read more)

Schoology Grade Passback FAQ’s

Which gradebook is considered “official?”Infinite Campus is the district’s gradebook-of-record. To stay ahead of any confusion, please be sure to reiterate this with students and parents. Can I still use Infinite Campus  to create assignments and enter grades?Yes, assignments can be created in either (or both of) Schoology and/or Infinite Campus. Any assignments put (read more)

Posting Grades

Go to Grade Book. Click on Red ‘Post‘ Option. The task at the top of the screen should be either Semester (HS) or Quarter (MS). Click on the red Post link. Under Posted Grades there is the option to change the Grade from the drop down. Percentage can also be changed. Click on Save. (read more)

Posting Multiple Grades at One Time

Teachers can post Eligibility, Progress or Quarter (MS)/Semester (HS) grades all at once


Open Grade Book > Settings > Multi-Post Grades.

The set up window will open. Either check some or all of the classes.



(read more)

Grades for withdrawn students

In Campus Instruction Go to Account Settings – bottom left



Once there uncheck Show Active Students Only and Save

Click on Post and Post to quarter/semester

Students who are active in the class, who show up in blue will have their grades (read more)

How to Verify all Grades are Posted

Go to Grading & Standards > Reports > Grades Report.


T2 Grading Hint


Grading Steps for Elementary