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G Suite Shared Drive (Formerly Team Drive)

The G Suite Shared Drive product is available for St. Vrain Valley School District staff for use internally with other accounts. It’s similar to G Suite My Drive except files and folders are owned by the members and not by individuals. What this means is that accounts can join or leave (read more)

Google Critical Security Alert

If you receive the following email, the only action is to change your password:


Explanation of why this is occurring: According to Google this is a legit notification from Google regarding an event on your account via one of their services such as YouTube, Google Photos, AdWords, Blogger, or Picaso. It is referred (read more)

Compromised Email Address

If you have reason to believe your email address has been compromised in some way, this guide serves as a starting point to remediate the problem. This is a list of things you can do and check. Log out of your email and change your password. This step needs to be done ASAP. Our current (read more)

Moderating Google Group Email and Posts


Google group message moderation is used to approve messages before a message is sent to the rest of the group members, both a group Owner (person who created the group) or Manager (a person assigned this role by the group owner) can approve or reject the messages before they’re sent. This gives you the (read more)

Spam Filtering

All district email is subject to Google Mail’s built-in filter.


Google Mail Spam Filter

Spam caught by the Google Mail can be found in your Spam folder. By default the Spam folder can be found in the left column under More. (see right)


To always display the (read more)

How to obtain the eid of a Google Calendar event

What is an EID and how is it used?

The EID is used by Google support to help with troubleshooting reported calendar issues submitted to Google. The eid of an event is a unique identifier of Google Calendar events.

How to obtain the EID: While logged on as the user: Go to Click on (read more)