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Computers and Mobile Devices

The following is a general outline of the standard personal computing devices available to students, teachers and staff in St. Vrain Valley Schools.

Elementary School Students Grade-level classrooms are issued a set of 6 iPads Additional iPads available for specials and pull-out classes 1 Computer lab, Macs Some schools have opted to replace wired computer (read more)

Landline Phones

Here are a couple pointers about the district’s Cisco landline phone system.

If your phone is displaying the previous person’s name, please contact your building secretary to get it updated. Dial 9 to place an outside call. You can reset your voicemail password with the Phone Manager. Your voicemail will also be delivered to (read more)

Computer repair procedure

This document is intended as a guide for repairs and may not fit every situation. Parts or repair costs will be evaluated against the cost of an equivalent replacement computer, with the computer value depreciating at 20% per year over its 5-year viable life.


DTS will not charge labor, so all costs below refer (read more)