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Suspicious Login Activity Detected from Your Account

Why did I get an email stating that “Google has detected suspicious login activity” in my account?

Each day we see dozens of district logins for students and staff from outside the United States. When our security monitor detects a login from outside the country, an automated warning email (read more)

Managing Old Email within Gmail

My Inbox is loaded with thousands of old unread email messages. How can I archive or delete all email received before a specific date?

Log into your Gmail account and follow these steps:

In the search field enter: before:yyyy/mm/dd with the date desired. Click the checkbox to select all email messages By default only the (read more)

Name change – update of iPad information (MDM)

When a student or staff member who is using a device assigned to them in the MDM (LANrev MDM) experiences a name change, the following steps need to be taken to update their device with the correct information.

(read more)

Sharing Parent Email Addresses

District Technology Services holds that parent email addresses provided to the district are intended specifically for district-to-parent communication, and are not to be shared with a third party vendor. [An exception to this Schoology, since parent email addresses are required for parent accounts to our district’s learning management tool.] For all other cases, such as (read more)

How to access an email account that has been delegated to you

Follow these instructions after an account has been delegated to you:


If not already Log in to your St. Vrain Mail account. Click on your account profile photo or lastname initial (located in the upper-right corner of the page). From the drop-down menu, select the desired delegated account. A new window or tab will (read more)

SVVSD Student Username and Password Information


Every student has a username and password used to access most school systems including computers, email, Infinite Campus, etc.


The format of these usernames is lastna.firstnDD where

lastna is the first six letters of the students last name as it was entered when enrolled the entire last name if (read more)

Compromised Email Address

If you have reason to believe your email address has been compromised in some way, this guide serves as a starting point to remediate the problem. This is a list of things you can do and check. Log out of your email and change your password. This step needs to be done ASAP. Our current (read more)

Standard Email Distribution Lists

While anyone can build their own contact distribution lists in Gmail; the following are distribution lists maintained for general use. Please note these groups may or may not work for sharing Google Docs or Calendars.

Members: All non-charter school head secretaries and other administrator secretaries

Membership Managed by: Administrative (read more)

New LTP iPad Teacher Setup

Have you read through Expectations and Commitments?

Click here for a slide show with screenshots of the following steps.

Complete Initial Set Up

You may have to power the iPad on first. Press the button on the upper top right of the device and hold it until you see the Apple symbol (read more)

How to Take a Screen Shot


Press [Command][Shift][3] to take a screen shot of your whole computer screen or [Command][Shift][4] to select a portion.

The screen shot is saved to the desktop and named “Screen shot (Date and Time) .png”.


Go to Start > All Programs > Accessories > Snipping Tool

read more)