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Elementary Digital Curriculum Knowledge Base


enVisionmath2.0 by Pearson is a math program used by Elementary School students. To learn how to initially setup your course, follow these instructions. For basic information on classes in EasyBridge, please visit this website. Teachers need to assign product to their classes. You can learn how to add products to your classes here. If (read more)

LTP Support Roles and Responsibilities (Elementary)

Individual staff members may have more than one role, and responsibilities can be customized to meet each school’s needs.

Role Responsibilities LTP Site Coordinator (LTPSC) Each school will select two LTPSC support people Responsible for coordinating all school LTP support tasks Main point of contact between DTS and school Click here for more information LTP (read more)

Lost and Theft Process (elementary)

IMPORTANT! Time is of the essence in this process. Please make sure that teachers and students know to report any loss or theft immediately.

What do I do if a teacher can’t find a classroom set iPad? First, ensure that school administration is informed. A school administrator or LTP Missing iPad Designee can follow these (read more)

Elementary LTP End-of-Year Processes

Health Check


Verify that all classroom equipment (iPads, accessories, etc.) are accounted for and undamaged. Add a line item on teacher check-out sheets for this task.

Screen is undamaged No corner damage from drop or impact iPad is not bent iPad can be powered on Home and volume buttons are working Headphone jack (read more)

Elementary LTP Beginning-of-Year Processes

Technology Provided

In addition to grade-level classroom sets of iPads, elementary schools will receive storage cabinets and accessories. Click here for a list of all technology that will be provided to elementary schools by the LTP.

The iPads should already be in the school inventory in Destiny, but will need to be checked out to (read more)

LTP Elementary Classroom iPad Sets

In addition to sets of iPads, each elementary grade-level classroom will receive the following:

Kensington Sync & Charge Cabinet

The cabinets come with a power cable, syncing cable, hardware, and two keys. The syncing cable and screws can be stored. Each cabinet comes with two keys. The keys are unique to each cabinet so be (read more)

Setting a Custom Wallpaper Background to Elementary Class iPad Sets

Some teachers like to set a custom background on their class iPads to make them easier to tell apart and to distinguish them from other teachers’ iPads.


On the iPad, take (or find and save to the camera roll) pictures that you’d like to use for the wallpaper. You can use colored construction (read more)

Checking Out Elementary iPad Sets in Destiny

Elementary classroom sets of iPads must be checked out to the classroom teacher in Destiny by the librarian or media tech. The process for checking out iPads is similar to checking out library books.

The QR bar codes are located on the back of the iPads, under the stand. These square QR bar codes can (read more)

T2 Grading Hint


Grading Steps for Elementary