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SVVSD LTP Provided Apps

Below are links to lists of apps that are provided by SVVSD for LTP devices and eligible students and staff.

To learn more about an app, click on the app name. For directions on loading an app through our MDM, click here. Please review the Guidelines for iOS App Purchases before submitting a Request to (read more)

Using the Self Service App to Install Items

On your iPad, locate the Self Service app.

On the main screen, you will see a list of all the apps and configuration profiles available to download and install.

Tap on any app to see a description from the Apple App Store.

Tap Install to install any item.

Tap the Search button (read more)

Blocked iOS Apps

The following is a list of blocked iOS Apps.

If these apps are accessed while on the district’s network, all internet access is blocked to the device for 1 minute.


The following apps are blocked by the web filter.

Yik Yak

eReaders & iOS Reader Application Support

Questions are arising concerning the Help Desk Support of E-readers and their IOS reading applications on iPhones, iPads, etc. While the District iPhone and iPad devices have limited support by Help Desk personnel, compliance with all terms of the End User License Agreements is required. Help Desk personnel are not able to assist with support (read more)

iOS apps do not complete download


A user will go to the MDM or to the App Store to download an app. In the App Store, the app may show the “cloud download” icon , indicating it has been purchased but has not been downloaded. When a download is attempted, the user may receive a message that the (read more)