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Apple ID Creation

Overview: In order to manage apps and data on district Mac and iOS devices, every secondary student and staff user in SVVSD will need to create and maintain an Apple ID account that is linked to an email address.

*It is not advised to have more than one Apple ID account used on (read more)

Removing Credit Card Information from an Existing Apple ID

Using iTunes on a Mac or PC (Scroll down for directions for an iOS device) Open the iTunes application. Make sure that you are logged in to iTunes using the correct Apple ID. You can access your account through the Account tab, View My Account. Enter your Apple ID Password and click View Account. Select (read more)

Troubleshooting Apple ID Issues

Here are a list of common Apple ID issues and how to troubleshoot them. Current information on Apple IDs can be found at Apple’s Apple ID Support site.

Issue: User has forgotten password Resolution: Have user go to to reset the password. If they cannot remember the answers to their security questions, have them (read more)

Creating an Apple ID


How do I create an Apple ID?


Please follow these instructions from Apple on how to set up an Apple ID without a credit card.