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Guidelines for iOS App Purchases

Guidelines for iOS App Purchases

The use of mobile devices in support of student learning can be powerful. There are thousands of apps and Web services available for iOS devices, and the list of educational apps grows daily. Rather than apps for rote learning or memorization of discrete sets of information, we believe that the (read more)

SVVSD LTP Provided Apps

Below are links to lists of apps that are provided by SVVSD for LTP devices and eligible students and staff.

To learn more about an app, click on the app name. For directions on loading an app through our MDM, click here. Please review the Guidelines for iOS App Purchases before submitting a Request to (read more)

Discovery Techbook App Login Settings

After downloading the Discovery Techbook app from the App Store, students and teachers will need to change the login settings so that users can use their district credentials to log into the app. These steps should only have to be performed once.

1. Launch the Techbook app.

2. At the login screen, tap on the (read more)

Purchasing apps for multiple iOS Devices through VPP

Things to know:

You must purchase an app license for each device on which an app is loaded. (ie, if you have 5 iPads and want Numbers on each of them, you must purchase 5 licenses for the app) The funds to purchase apps beyond those provided through the LTP are not provided (read more)

Establishing a VPP account to purchase iOS apps for multiple iOS devices

If your school or department is deploying iPod touch or iPad devices,1 there are several things that need to be taken into account as you get started.

First and foremost it’s important to understand that if you are purchasing and syncing apps to multiple devices that are owned by a school (read more)