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Mobile Device Management and Student iPads

Mobile Device Management and Student iPads

What is Mobile Device Management (MDM)?

MDM is a process used by the district to remotely manage and configure iPads. Using an MDM server, the district can:

Install, analyze and change apps, settings, and restrictions Publish a list of recommended apps and provide licenses for (read more)

Create a new Driver pack for LANRev

See pages 12 and 13of the attached manual: HardwareIndependentDiskImagingGuide Graphics added below to augment. For manual process to know the behind the scenes look for the manual instructions after the graphical.

IMPORTANT, BEFORE YOU RUN THIS UTILITY DISABLE SEP (Symantec Endpoint Protection) OR YOU MAY GET THE FOLLOWING ERROR(Exception has been built by DataCenter for (read more)

Jamf – School Users | DTS

The district’s Mobile Device Management (MDM) tool, Jamf, is used to provide support and management of district iPads. Both school staff and DTS can use Jamf to perform tasks on iPads remotely.

School staff can use Jamf Control to perform the following tasks on student iPads assigned to their school:

Identify particular devices (such as (read more)

Purchasing apps for multiple iOS Devices through VPP

Things to know:

You must purchase an app license for each device on which an app is loaded. (ie, if you have 5 iPads and want Numbers on each of them, you must purchase 5 licenses for the app) The funds to purchase apps beyond those provided through the LTP are not provided (read more)