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Currently Supported macOS:  10.13.6 – 10.14.6

Apple 13-inch MacBook Air | Diagram and Laptop Checklist| Expectations and Commitments

Description: The standard SVVSD Mac laptop computer is a 13-inch MacBook Air.

Approved Software for your MacBook Air

Tech Store for MacBook Air Accessories (10 key, mouse, monitors, travel case, etc).

Support Offered for your new MacBook Air

Innovation Center Support: Apple Certified students can help with any questions about your Mac as well as help with transferring files.

  • Open Tues, Wed, Thurs 3-5pm 1200 S. Sunset Street, Longmont, CO

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Home Printer Support

Laptop Distribution Emails: 

Day of Deployment: 

    1. How to use the Trackpad
    2. Charging the Battery
    3. AirServer Setup and Basic Use
    4. Projector Resolution/Display Settings 
    5. Accessing Citrix
    6. Accessing the My Documents Folder
    7. Saving Documents

Transfer/Backup Files

iCloud – How Your MacBook & iPad Play Together

iWork/Office/Google Apps

Customizing Your MacBook

Keyboard Shortcuts

Delete Keychain Error

Administrator Access Guidelines and Process

Download software with Self Service

Upgrading macOS on your computer

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