Currently Supported iPadOS:  16.X 

  • With iPadOS 14.X or later, the internal Wi-Fi location tool for finding devices in district buildings is currently not working. We are working to find another way to make this tool work.

 Full size iPad (128 GB) | iPad support matrix


The iPad has been chosen by our ITAC committee as the preferred mobile device to be used by staff and students. The iPads provided by the district will be a tool for staff and students that will help with investigating, communicating, collaborating, creating, modeling, and exploring concepts and content in authentic contexts.

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Note: Accidental or intentional damage, including broken glass, is not covered by Apple warranty.


Can I use a different case other than what is provided by the district?  

No. Currently all district issued devices must remain in the district provided case. This case has been field tested to ensure that it will adequately protect the device. Replacing the case with a personal one will void the district insurance plan.

Can I buy my own cables/power adapter?

The district provides approved cables and chargers for purchase in the case of loss or damage.  Only chargers provided by the district will be accepted back.  Students will be charged for chargers that are not returned when their iPads are checked in.

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Curator: Eric Pierce