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Description: District supported printers and copiers.  You will find the most commonly asked questions about printers, paper and supply orders, as well as how to change printer settings.

What the district provides: The district will provide two or three copiers/printers depending on the location size and one printer per lab.  We will service printers purchased through the technology store and help with others as best we can.  DTS is unable to help support home printers, but great news, most computers are now eligible for admin rights and you can add those by applying here. 

Featured Support Articles 

Changing Print Settings on a Mac 

Toner Cartridge Recycling

How to authorize your key card on the Spear Printer 

Spear Fax Instructions 

       Troubleshooting District Printers on Macintosh Computers 

Change print settings for Spear from Adobe 

Resolving 900 errors on printers 

Printing from Apple Apps to Spear and changing print options 

Order Paper

Paper is ordered through Lewispaper (more info)

Order Supplies 

Copier, duplicator and laminator supplies are ordered through SVVSD Central Supply Warehouse in Infinite Visions (more info)

Paper Donations 


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