Change Management

Change Management implements the addition, modification, or removal of anything that could have an effect on services for a group. It helps the District Technology Services (DTS) department plan and execute actions in a controlled manner. If something goes wrong, it can also help determine the cause and even undo actions.

Process and Forms

The general workflow for a change ticket can be seen here.

  1. Change Worksheets
    1. For new change requests
      1. Click the Change Worksheet button below. This will create a worksheet in your Google Drive.
      2. Fill this out with all the details needed to complete the change.
      3. Move your worksheet to the Google Shared Drive, DTS Change Management > 1. Draft Changes
    2. For predefined changes,
      1. Find the change worksheet in the Google Shared Drive, DTS Change Management > Predefined Changes
  2. Change Request Form
    1. Click the Change Request Form button.
    2. Complete the form, being sure to references your completed worksheet or a predefined worksheet. This creates a ticket in the ServiceDesk Change Advisors Queue

Change Advisory Board

The Change Advisory Board (CAB) meets the week before Scheduled Service Disruptions and on an as-needed basis for changes needing to be implemented with high urgency.

CAB Membership:

  • Change Manager – Dan Magyar
  • Data and Analytics – Kevin Chandler
  • Learning Technology – Toni Hoehn
  • Ops and Infrastructure – Kris Orrison
    • Security – Jon Walker
  • Tech Support – Erik Black

Change Advisors queue in ServiceDesk

  • Ticket Statuses
    • Gathering Data – change is under review by CAB
    • Scheduled – change has been reviewed by CAB, approved, and scheduled
    • Waiting for St. Vrain Department – change has been reviewed by CAB, approved, and is awaiting to be scheduled

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