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Recording Student Engagement in Co/Extracurricular Activities in Infinite Campus

St. Vrain continues to focus on advancing the well-being and academic achievement of all students by implementing strategies to increase the number of students…

Infinite Campus Grade Calc Options for High School Teachers

Exciting news for High School Teachers. The Grade Calc Options are set up for each of your sections in Infinite Campus

Introducción a la Infinite Campus para Padres

Vídeo In English ¿Qué es Infinite Campus? Sistema de información del estudiante – Récord oficial de la información estudiantil. Incluye información sobre: Asistencia escolar…

Parent Portal Instructions – Spanish

Adding a Substitute (or other staff member) to a Class in Infinite Campus

Adding another staff member as a “New Teacher” to a class gives them edit rights to Attendance and Grade Book. Click on NEW TEACHER.

Ad Hoc Student Selection Editor