Beyond Citrix implementation plan and FAQs

Beyond Citrix is a DTS project to provide updated computing equipment to non-instructional staff.


Dates Action Items Fall 2018 Instructional staff (employees with “teacher” in their IV title) are moved away from Citrix December 2018 DTS presents project to SVVSD leadership January 2019 3 readiness sites are identified (SAEL, SMS, LYMS) January (read more)

Charter & Contract School Technology Scope and Support by DTS

Below is a summary of the support provided by DTS to charter and contract schools as specified by Exhibit H, Additional Services Agreement of Charter School Contracts.

School Name APEX Aspen Ridge Carbon Valley Flagstaff Imagine Montessori Sierra (Main Street) Twin Peaks Grade Levels K-12 K-8 K-8 K-8 K-8 K-8 K-12 K-12 Active Directory Account, (read more)

YouTube Filter Information

This page was designed to help you navigate the YouTube filter when you are at a site covered by the St. Vrain Valley School District wifi network.

You will find information on the following:

How YouTube’s filter impacts students and teachers. How instructional staff can get access to view all YouTube videos and approve a (read more)

iPad Restriction Settings

All district devices enrolled in our mobile device management (MDM) system receive a base set of restrictions: elementary, middle school, high school, or staff. The level of restrictions is based on the school the iPad is assigned to and the individual who enrolled the iPad.

This helps to ensure that every device receives the correct (read more)

Guidelines for iOS App Purchases

Guidelines for iOS App Purchases

The use of mobile devices in support of student learning can be powerful. There are thousands of apps and Web services available for iOS devices, and the list of educational apps grows daily. Rather than apps for rote learning or memorization of discrete sets of information, we believe that the (read more)

Removing VPN applications installed on district iPad

This policy will lock down any iPad which has reported that a VPN application is currently installed. VPN applications are used to bypass our network security and filter. They also cause issues when trying to connect to content and material that is only available from the district network.

Update – with the release of iOS (read more)

Desktop computer power management settings and automatic shutdown overview and FAQ

Power Management Overview:

SVVSD uses automatic shutdown settings on desktop computers in the district to minimize our energy use. Automatic shutdown not only saves the power a computer is consuming, but also the energy needed to cool heat emitted from running computers.

Automatic shutdown will present a message a few minutes before the scheduled shutdown (read more)

iPad Missing at School Process

Purpose: This process is used to find a missing iPad when it is likely in a district building and has been missing for less than a week.


Elementary Schools

Teacher informs school administrator or LTP – Missing iPad Designee that the iPad is missing and which asset tags they still have. School Administrator (read more)

Sharing Parent Email Addresses

District Technology Services holds that parent email addresses provided to the district are intended specifically for district-to-parent communication, and are not to be shared with a third party vendor. [An exception to this Schoology, since parent email addresses are required for parent accounts to our district’s learning management tool.] For all other cases, such as (read more)