Elementary Beginning-of-Year Processes

Checking out and Enrolling iPads (for Individually Assigned iPads)

Elementary Classroom Sets and Accessories

iPad Setup for Shared Classroom Sets

Setting a Custom Wallpaper on Classroom Sets

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Best Practices for Seesaw Building Admins

Principals can see the learning happening across the entire building with analytics and “virtual classroom visits” and comment on journal posts.

Below are some reminders of best practices for school admins.

Teachers in your building may request a Seesaw for Schools account when they log into their free account. When you receive an email (read more)

Student iPad Distribution – Checkout and Enrollment

All Students – iPad Checkout

All iPads assigned to individual students PK-12 must be checked out to the student in our district inventory system.

Directions for checking out iPads can be found here.

Elementary – Enrollment

Elementary students who are receiving an individually assigned iPad must enroll the iPad.

Slideshow directions

PDF Handout directions

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LTP Expectations & Commitments – Infinite Campus Parent Portal

The Learning Technology Plan Expectations & Commitments form is now available for parents to sign through the Infinite Campus Parent Portal.

El formulario de Expectativas y Compromisos del Plan de Aprendizaje Tecnológico ahora está disponible para que los padres lo firmen a través del portal de padres Infinite Campus.

Parents log into Infinite Campus (read more)

Hardware Toolkit for Fall 2020

Click on the image above to watch the video. Hybrid Learning Tech Kit DetailsDownload (read more)

How to Turn in a Schoology Assignment using Google Drive

1. In a Schoology assignment page, select “Submit Assignment.”2. Select the “Resources” tab.3. Select the “Apps” icon, then select the “Google Drive Resource App.” You may need to select “Approve” if this is your first time using the app.4. Select the check box on the document or item you would like to submit.5. Select (read more)

Communicating and Providing Feedback to Students and Families in Schoology

How to give feedback and communicate with students in Schoology:

UpdatesDiscussion PostsMedia AlbumsRubrics

How to communicate with parents in Schoology:

Course Updates

How to support Schoology Parent Access:

Mobile Device SupportComputer Device Support (read more)

Communicating and Providing Feedback to Students and Families in Seesaw

How to communicate with parents

Send a message/announcement You can select if the message is sent to all families and all students or just families or students.

FYI: If you send to “all families” they will only receive the message if they are using the Seesaw Family app. If you send to “all (read more)

Online Learning Resources for SVVSD Parents/ Recursos del aprendizaje en línea para SVVSD

Affordable Internet Options

Click here to learn more about affordable internet options in the communities of St. Vrain Valley Schools.

Setting Up Your Student’s iPad

Elementary Students: Directions for Enrolling your iPadEscuela Primaria: Pasos para configurar su iPad de SVVSD

Secondary Students: Directions for Enrolling your iPadEstudiantes de secundaria y preparatoria: Pasos para (read more)