Pairing your Zebra Bluetooth Scanner

Symbol CS3000 series

In order to use a Bluetooth scanner, you must first pair it with the device with which you wish to use it. You will need to have the scanner itself, a Bluetooth-compatible tablet or computer, and the scanner’s user manual.

Access the Bluetooth setting on your computer or tablet, and (read more)

Live Streaming to YouTube from Webex

Schools may wish to live stream events and celebrations to allow families and friends to participate in these events virtually. Our recommendation is to live stream to the school’s official YouTube account through the principal’s district Webex account.

Click here for detailed directions.

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Printing Report Cards/Transcripts on Portal

Elementary Report Cards: The Elementary Report Cards are available on the Parent Portal. On the Index (3 lines) > More > Quick Links > Elementary Report Card. If you have more than one student the report cards will be ‘stacked’. Scroll down to see the next report card. Here are instructions for printing or (read more)

Electronic Permission Form / Formulario de permiso electrónico

As a parent of a student attending St. Vrain Valley Schools, you now have access to a tool which will allow you to sign permissions for your students electronically. Log into Infinite Campus Parent Portal. Como padre de un estudiante que asiste a las Escuelas de St. Vrain Valley, ahora usted tiene acceso a (read more)

Webex Meetings: Troubleshooting

Video and/or Audio is Choppy or Halts

1. Restart the device! Note: Many issues with Webex and other applications can be resolved simply by restarting your device every day!

To speed up the restart (and free up working memory needed for videoconferencing), make sure you uncheck the box to reopen windows.

2. If (read more)

Communicating and Providing Feedback to Students and Families in Schoology

How to give feedback and communicate with students in Schoology:

UpdatesDiscussion PostsMedia AlbumsRubrics

How to communicate with parents in Schoology:

Course Updates

How to support Schoology Parent Access:

Mobile Device SupportComputer Device Support (read more)

Communicating and Providing Feedback to Students and Families in Seesaw

How to communicate with parents

Send a message/announcement You can select if the message is sent to all families and all students or just families or students.

FYI: If you send to “all families” they will only receive the message if they are using the Seesaw Family app. If you send to “all (read more)

Accessing Schoology Usage Analytics

 The School Analytics Report displays usage analytics for all users at your organization and summary data for course materials.

Login to your district provided Schoology account at Select “Tools” in the top navigation bar, then select “Usage Analytics.”Adjust the School filters to select your school.Adjust the Role filters to select specific roles at (read more)

Using Webex Teams for Phone Calls

Using Calling in Webex Teams, SVVSD staff members can call anyone with a phone number or answer calls from anyone calling your work number. When you make these types of calls, it’s just like making a regular phone call from your classroom or desk phone. 

Webex Teams is an app in Self Service (read more)

Online Learning Resources for SVVSD Parents/ Recursos del aprendizaje en línea para SVVSD


Seesaw is a platform for learning engagement that allows students to create, reflect, share, and collaborate. In St. Vrain, Seesaw is the primary tool for sharing content with Pre-K through third grade, while Schoology is the learning management system for grades four and up.

Seesaw es una aplicación para el compromiso de aprendizaje (read more)