How to change print settings on a mac – Konica

Changing printer settings on the mac

-Printing single sided and Hole Punch or staple

Depending on the application you will want to be in the print settings, this is usually under Default settings or towards the bottom of the print pop up.

Next select Layout/Finish, the finish tab and you can select single (read more)

Managing Old Email

Q: My Inbox is loaded with thousands of old unread email messages. How can I archive or delete all email received before a specific date?

A: In Gmail

In the search field enter: before:yyyy/mm/dd with the date desired. Click the checkbox to select all email messages By default only the first page of messages will (read more)

Post Grades from Post Grades module

This method of grading is used when you don’t need to create Categories yet need to give students grades. One example is Teacher Aide classes.

Expand the Index > scroll down and click on Post Grades.

Select the Section you want to grade from across the top. Then click on Fill Percent, Grade, Comment.

(read more)

How to forget and re-add network on iOS 11 (iPad or iPhone)

Click on Settings–>

Setting for iOS 11

Select Wi-Fi on this screen

Wi-Fi settings iOS 11

Select the SVVSD and check the blue text that says Forget this network.

To Re-add the network, click on SVVSD

Wireless networks

Type in your username and password, then click join

Authentication Screen

You will (read more)

Posting Grades for Withdrawn Students

Teachers will need to change their view in the Grade Book to show Withdrawn Students. To do this they go to Account Settings. Uncheck the box for Show Active Students Only and Save. Go in to the Grade Book and Post grades to Quarter 1. Withdrawn students whose names are red will not post. (read more)

Eclipse Permissions for Teachers

Class Permissions for Teachers

While logged into Infinite Campus, teachers can view their student’s permissions using the Tools. To get to Tools click on the ‘hamburger‘ in Campus Instruction to display the Index. Click on the word Instruction. Then select Tools.

In Tools on the Index go to Custom Reports > Teacher > Permissions (read more)

Staff FAQ for Student Password Reset


All secondary students will be required to change their default password to a “strong” password by November 1, 2017.


Protecting our student’s data and developing good digital habits is vital. Strong passwords enhance account security for all services such as Infinite Campus, Google Apps, etc.


Please work with your school administration (read more)

Transferring LTP Assets

LTP iPads are tracked primarily in two systems: Destiny and LANRev. Both will need to changed separately in order to accurately reflect the movement of equipment between sites. The following details the process for changing the appropriate databases to reflect the transfer of LTP iPads from one site to another.

First, the iPads will need (read more)

Infinite Campus – Filtering and Sorting the Grade Book

Filtering and Sorting the Grade Book

Filtering options determine which students and/or assignments display in the Grade Book.

Sorting options change the order in which assignments display in the Grade Book. Additionally, each column in the Grade Book has double arrows in the header, which can be used to sort the Grade Book by that (read more)