Installing TestNav Through Self Service – 2019

This year we will be installing TestNav for CMAS testing through the Self Service application on Mac computers. If you are using a Chromebook or Windows computer, this document will not apply to you.

First step is to load Self Service. Bring up spotlight search by clicking the magnifying glass in the upper right corner (read more)

Missing Assignments

There are multiple ways for teachers to access missing assignments for their students. To access the missing assignments for a specific class there are a few options; via the grade book or a canned report (created by IC, option 1 & 2 below). Or they can retrieve missing assignments for all the classes a student (read more)

Printing from Apple Applications and Changing Print Settings

If you have tried to change your print settings from Pages, Numbers, Keynote, or Safari likely you have run into this strange menu. Here is how to change the print settings on your mac for these applications when printing to Spear when you need color or one sided

Click on Printer features Next you will (read more)

Change Print Settings from Adobe

This will show how to print to the SPEAR printers from Adobe and change it to color or single-sided.

1. Select Printer button at the bottom

2. Select the Yes on the print setup box – this will pop up each time

3. This may or may not appear but if it does (read more)

Installing Insight Application for ACCESS Testing Using Self Service for Mac Computers

To install the Insight Application for ACCESS testing using Self Service for Macs, you must first load the Self Service application. Click the magnifying glass icon in the upper right corner of the screen next to the clock to open Spotlight Search. Then type ‘self service’ as shown in the picture below, and hit enter (read more)

Upgrade macOS via Self Service

This article will help guide a staff member through the process of updating their macOS device to the latest approved operating system.

(read more)

Padcaster Set-up and Use

Welcome to your new Padcaster Kit! This page will give you information about basic set-up and use as well as ideas for how the Padcaster might fit into your lessons.

Your Padcaster kit comes with a district issued iPad and iPod touch to support your media creation. These devices are inventoried and must remain with (read more)

How to Change Print Settings Your Mac

From Google (Chrome, Drive)

Click the Print using system dialogue… link.

If this window appears, click Show Details.

Select Layout/Finish to change to single-sided or Quality to change to color.

From Layout/Finish, click the Finish tab and you can select Staple and Hole Punch from this menu.

From Microsoft Applications (Word, Excel, etc.) (read more)

Managing Old Email

Q: My Inbox is loaded with thousands of old unread email messages. How can I archive or delete all email received before a specific date?

A: In Gmail

In the search field enter: before:yyyy/mm/dd with the date desired. Click the checkbox to select all email messages By default only the first page of messages will (read more)