Disabling Private Browsing on Student iPads

While web content is filtered on student iPads while on the district network, private mode is not disabled by default. When private mode is enabled, web history is not saved.

Parents may wish to use the Screen Time tool in Settings to set limits on private browsing or to monitor web history.

Please note (read more)

Enabling Flash Player on Chromebooks

If flash player is not loading or is disabled on a website follow these steps to enable it.

Chrome displaying Flash was blocked on this page error

Go to settings by clicking on the three dots on the top right of your Chrome browser window and selecting “Settings.”

Chrome Settings (read more)

Webex In Meeting Options

Host responsibilities: Meetings are set to automatically record. As host you can decide to stop or pause recording.

It is good Meetings etiquette to let people know that you are recording their meeting and whether or not that recording will be shared. Participants are able to see whether or not a meeting is being (read more)

Getting Started with Webex Meetings- Preferences

Go to https://svvsd.webex.com and click the blue “Sign in” button.

Enter your full @svvsd email address.

This will redirect you to the SVVSD sign in page. Enter your district username and password.

This will bring you to your Cisco Webex Meetings homepage:

Go to Preferences half way down the left hand menu and you (read more)

How to Join a Webex Meeting

The easiest way to join a meeting you have been invited to is to use the link inside of the calendar invitation.  Open the calendar invite, and click “join Webex meeting”.

This will open a webpage for the meeting, enter your name and @svvsd email address and join the meeting. If you are hosting (read more)

How to Schedule a Webex Meeting

There are many ways to schedule or initiate a meeting.  The easiest and recommended way is from your Google Calendar.

Open Google Calendar, and select the day/time for your meeting.

Select “More options” to get a full screen of options for scheduling your meeting.  Under the dropdown menu for “Add conferencing” select either “Webex (read more)

Installing TestNav Through Self Service – 2019

This year we will be installing TestNav for CMAS testing through the Self Service application on Mac computers. If you are using a Chromebook or Windows computer, this document will not apply to you.

First step is to load Self Service. Bring up spotlight search by clicking the magnifying glass in the upper right corner (read more)

Missing Assignments

There are multiple ways for teachers to access missing assignments for their students. To access the missing assignments for a specific class there are a few options; via the grade book or a canned report (created by IC, option 1 & 2 below). Or they can retrieve missing assignments for all the classes a student (read more)

Printing from macOS Applications and Changing Print Settings

To change the print settings on your Macintosh computer for macOS applications, such as Safari, Preview, Pages, Numbers and Keynote, follow these instructions:

Go to File and Print, then select the macOS app menu and change to Printer Features Even though the scroll bar may be hidden in the Printer Features area, if you click (read more)

Change Print Settings from an Adobe Application

This article shows how to print to the SVVSD-SPEAR printer from an Adobe application and change the settings to 1-Sided and Auto Color.

Go to File and Print Select the Printer button at the bottom of the Print window Activate Do not show this message again to the warning box that appears, then select the (read more)