Blocked Sites

The following are websites that have been specifically blocked

Pinterest – inappropriate content not filtered by provider, restricted to staff Yahoo! – inappropriate content not filtered by provider,

SVVSD-Guest Wireless Access Login

Guests accessing the svvsd-guest SSID are directed to a login page. The below terms and referenced board policies must be read and accepted before access is granted.

Welcome to SVVSD Guest Access login Page

By logging into this guest wifi network you agree to the following: That this wireless network is only for students, staff (read more)

Locate My iPad

Secondary students can attempt to self-locate their iPad within any school building by following these simple steps:

Log into Infinite Campus through the Internet Click Locate My iPad (lower left column) The information returned includes: Building – school building where iPad was last online Room/Area – location of the wireless access point to which the (read more)

Password Manager Assistance

This article links from the “Need Assistance?” link on Password Manager


Please contact your school’s Student Account Guardian.

Current Employees

If you have security questions set up, please contact the Help Desk at 303-702-7730. If not, have your school principal or administrator e-mail the Help Desk with a password reset request.

Former (read more)

Post Grades from Post Grades module

This method of grading is used when you don’t need to create Categories yet need to give students grades. One example is Teacher Aide classes.

Expand the Index > scroll down and click on Post Grades.

Select the Section you want to grade from across the top. Then click on Fill Percent, Grade, Comment.

(read more)

How to forget and re-add network on iOS 11 (iPad or iPhone)

Click on Settings–>

Setting for iOS 11

Select Wi-Fi on this screen

Wi-Fi settings iOS 11

Select the SVVSD and check the blue text that says Forget this network.

To Re-add the network, click on SVVSD

Wireless networks

Type in your username and password, then click join

Authentication Screen

You will (read more)

Posting Grades for Withdrawn Students

Teachers will need to change their view in the Grade Book to show Withdrawn Students. To do this they go to Account Settings. Uncheck the box for Show Active Students Only and Save. Go in to the Grade Book and Post grades to Quarter 1. Withdrawn students whose names are red will not post. (read more)

AirServer Basic Use

Connecting iPad wirelessly to your computer Prerequisites Laptop must be on, running OS 10.11.6 or later, connected to SVVSD Wi-Fi. Laptop must have AirServer open and plugged into the Room Media System (projector system). The iPad must be on the SVVSD Wi-Fi network (not on svvsd-guest), and must be running iOS 10.3.3 or later. All (read more)

Automatic Updates

Starting September 13, 2017, DTS will begin releasing weekly security updates on all district-owned Mac and Windows computers. Applying these updates is an integral part of keeping staff and student devices secured and working properly.

Also called “patches,” security updates will be tested before being deployed to district devices to ensure that core functionality is (read more)

Ordering Replacement Keys for Kensington Charge & Sync iPad Cabinets

Each Kensington Charge & Sync iPad cabinet comes with two keys. These keys are not interchangeable. We recommend that schools keep one key, labeled with the teacher name and/or room number, in the office for substitute teachers and emergency access.

We have also sent each school’s key controller a master key that will open any (read more)