TestNav on iOS devices

When setting up a device with TestNav please follow the steps below

Quick tips before you install the app- iPad must have the volume buttons pointing up while sitting in keyboard mount. The keyboard will only be needed for the typing parts of the exam.

Open Self Service

2. Click on the (read more)

Adding iPads to LANrev MDM

Once a device has been designated for management through the MDM, please follow the steps below to assign it and add the necessary data to the MDM.

What may be added to the MDM:

All LTP iPads Site purchased iPads that are designated for use by a single person Other iPads as determined by the (read more)

Large Image on Projected Screen


My display shows images really big on the projected screen and on my computer. How do I get the images to display smaller (at a higher resolution)?


Select the Spotlight Search magnifying glass in the upper right corner Type in “displays” When Displays shows in the list, select it, then press return Two (read more)

How-To Videos: Created by Students, for Students

iPad Basics Resetting Your iPad

Infinite Campus Quick Student Check

For a quick look at a student’s Contact Information, Today’s Schedule, Grades and Attendance in Infinite Campus, perform these steps:

When a teacher logs into Infinite Campus, they will land at the Control Center.

From the Control Center under Attendance Teachers can either click the number, 26/28 for example or ‘Take’ and (read more)

YouTube Access

Recently, we were made aware of a change in the YouTube Terms of Service. In particular, the update changes our ability as a district to allow access to YouTube for students under the age of 13.  Here is the specific section of importance (bold emphasis is ours to highlight the critical information):

You affirm (read more)

Schoology for Parents (Spanish)

Instrucciones depadres de Schoology Inicie

inicio de sesión parasesión en Schoology con una computadora portátil, computadora de escritorio o Chromebook con las siguientes instrucciones:

vaya a app.schoology.comTodas las cuentas de Schoology para padres se crean automáticamente 1 día después de que se crea la cuenta del portal para padres Infinite Campus. Incluso si nunca (read more)

Suspicious Login Activity Detected from Your Account

Why did I get an email stating that “Google has detected suspicious login activity” in my account?

Each day we see dozens of district logins for students and staff from outside the United States. When our security monitor detects a login from outside the country, an automated warning email (read more)

Enabling Flash Player on Chromebooks

If flash player is not loading or is disabled on a website follow these steps to enable it.

Chrome displaying Flash was blocked on this page error

Go to settings by clicking on the three dots on the top right of your Chrome browser window and selecting “Settings.”

Chrome Settings (read more)

Active Directory Users & Computers console Tips & Tricks

Here are some Tips & Tricks and recommended initial settings to establish within the ADUC console.

While browsing Organizational Units (OU) you see the following message and need to see the rest of the items in the OU.

To see additional items in an OU do the following:Navigate to the (read more)