Summer iPad Access for Students


Goal: To provide students literacy opportunities over the summer through access to the online digital library and other literacy apps and programs.

DTS Commitments & Responsibilities:

Provide MDM training for school point of contact so that s/he may submit tickets for repairs and lost/missing and support families over the summer.

Install the Level (read more)

Webex In Meeting Options

Host responsibilities: Meetings are set to automatically record. As host you can decide to stop or pause recording.

It is good Meetings etiquette to let people know that you are recording their meeting and whether or not that recording will be shared. Participants are able to see whether or not a meeting is being (read more)

Getting Started with Webex Meetings- Preferences

Go to and click the blue “Sign in” button.

Enter your full @svvsd email address.

This will redirect you to the SVVSD sign in page. Enter your district username and password.

This will bring you to your Cisco Webex Meetings homepage:

Go to Preferences half way down the left hand menu and you (read more)

How to Join a Webex Meeting

The easiest way to join a meeting you have been invited to is to use the link inside of the calendar invitation.  Open the calendar invite, and click “join Webex meeting”.

This will open a webpage for the meeting, enter your name and @svvsd email address and join the meeting. If you are hosting (read more)

How to Schedule a Webex Meeting

There are many ways to schedule or initiate a meeting.  The easiest and recommended way is from your Google Calendar.

Open Google Calendar, and select the day/time for your meeting.

Select “More options” to get a full screen of options for scheduling your meeting.  Under the dropdown menu for “Add conferencing” select either “Webex (read more)

How to Setup Your Lulzbot Taz 3D Printer

LulzBot TAZ6 User Manual

Quick Start Guide – To Set Up Your First Print

Download the Cura Lulzbot application to your Mac from Self Service.

Unpacking the box: Open the box (Lulzbot Taz) Note: Save the packaging.Several boxes are stacked and numbered.  The instruction packet is included in a ziploc (read more)

Screen Saver Settings on Your New Mac

By default, while on battery power your display is set to turn off after 2 minutes.

Open System Preferences and select Energy Saver:

In the Battery tab, move the slider to the right to increase the time before the display shuts off:


For increased security and to protect your – and your (read more)

Display Settings on Your New Mac

Since you now have a new computer (yay!) some of your defaults might have changed. One of the most critical is the settings you use for your classroom projector.

To set these properly, you will need to have your computer plugged into the projector system and have both (read more)

MacBook Air Trackpad Settings


By default, your MacBook Air trackpad is set to scroll in a “natural” direction (scroll up to move the page up and scroll down to move the page down). Some people prefer to scroll the opposite direction.

Open System Preferences.

Click on Trackpad.

In the Scroll & Zoom tab, uncheck Scroll Direction: Natural

(read more)

Disable Siri for Testnav

If Siri is enabled on a Mac, you will see the following error when you run App Check in Testnav.

If this happens, you will need to do the following steps:

One – Load System Preferences

Two – Click ‘Siri’

Three, click the checkbox where it says ‘Enable Ask Siri’ to turn it off. (read more)