Site-Funded iPads and MDM Switch

The week of June 18, 2018, DTS will be switching to a new Mobile Device Management (MDM) system, called Jamf.

All non-LTP iPads purchased by school or department funds that are in our current MDM, LANRev, will be affected by this switch!

iPads that WILL NOT be moved over from LANRev to the new MDM: (read more)

Self Service Application for Macs

Use the Self Service application to install applications and other tools on your Mac.

You can find Self Service in your Applications folder. Or simply click on Spotlight, type “Self Service” and double-click the application to open it.

Search for applications and other tools in the (read more)

Resetting an iPad before Checking In

Before turning in an iPad that you will not be getting back:

Sign out of iCloud Reset the iPad Turn the device off 1. Sign out of iCloud

2. Reset the iPad

read more)

Parent Walk Through Video

Schoology Round-Up 2018

Another year as has come and gone. Here is a recap of Schoology at SVVSD.


Some numbers from the year:

Over 1.6 Million assignments have been turned in via Schoology

1.2 Million file uploads

Over 100 Million page views

Overall visits were up over 4%


Below are the year to year trends (read more)

Chromebook Wireless Connectivity Fix

This document exists to assist getting Chromebooks that missed the transition window or failed to get the new WIFI policy applied during the transition from ACS to ISE.


How to confirm if this document will help

Right after you turn on the Chromebook, you will end up at the screen showing No Network. Click (read more)

How to change print settings on a mac – Konica

Changing printer settings on the mac

-Printing single sided and Hole Punch or staple

Depending on the application you will want to be in the print settings, this is usually under Default settings or towards the bottom of the print pop up.

Next select Layout/Finish, the finish tab and you can select single (read more)

i-Ready Login Instructions

Navigate to and click on the desired schools page

Click on desired curriculum resource

Click on “Students and Most Teachers”

Log into our portal using your network credentials.

Students use lastname(first 6 digits).firstname(first 6 digits) and birthday. Password is svStudentNumber

Username Example: johnso.jane25

Password Example: sv123456

Teachers use lastname_firstname and (read more)

Blocked Sites

The following are websites that have been specifically blocked

Pinterest – inappropriate content not filtered by provider, restricted to staff Yahoo! – inappropriate content not filtered by provider,

SVVSD-Guest Wireless Access Login

Guests accessing the svvsd-guest SSID are directed to a login page. The below terms and referenced board policies must be read and accepted before access is granted.

Welcome to SVVSD Guest Access login Page

By logging into this guest wifi network you agree to the following: That this wireless network is only for students, staff (read more)