Posting Grades for Withdrawn Students

Teachers will need to change their view in the Grade Book to show Withdrawn Students. To do this they go to Account Settings. Uncheck the box for Show Active Students Only and Save. Go in to the Grade Book and Post grades to Quarter 1. Withdrawn students whose names are red will not post. (read more)

AirServer Basic Use

Connecting iPad wirelessly to your computer Prerequisites Laptop must be on, running OS 10.11.6 or later, connected to SVVSD Wi-Fi. Laptop must have AirServer open and plugged into the Room Media System (projector system). The iPad must be on the SVVSD Wi-Fi network (not on svvsd-guest), and must be running iOS 10.3.3 or later. All (read more)

Automatic Updates

Starting September 13, 2017, DTS will begin releasing weekly security updates on all district-owned Mac and Windows computers. Applying these updates is an integral part of keeping staff and student devices secured and working properly.

Also called “patches,” security updates will be tested before being deployed to district devices to ensure that core functionality is (read more)

Ordering Replacement Keys for Kensington Charge & Sync iPad Cabinets

Each Kensington Charge & Sync iPad cabinet comes with two keys. These keys are not interchangeable. We recommend that schools keep one key, labeled with the teacher name and/or room number, in the office for substitute teachers and emergency access.

We have also sent each school’s key controller a master key that will open any (read more)

Long Distance Codes

Following are links to each sites long distance codes. These links are only available to Principal’s secretaries and some Department secretaries. If you need a long distance code please see your building secretary.

Secretaries – If you have updates or additions to you list, column D can be edited. Please leave your comments there and (read more)

Eclipse Permissions for Teachers

Class Permissions for Teachers

While logged into Infinite Campus, teachers can view their student’s permissions using the Tools. To get to Tools click on the ‘hamburger‘ in Campus Instruction to display the Index. Click on the word Instruction. Then select Tools.

In Tools on the Index go to Custom Reports > Teacher > Permissions (read more)

Student Security Question List

Student Security Question List


What city would you most like to visit? What country would you most like to visit? What is the name of your favorite cousin? What is your grandmother’s first name on your father’s side? What is your grandmother’s first name on your mother’s side? What is your grandfather’s first name (read more)

Infinite Campus Assignment Enhancements

Infinite Campus Assignment Creation Enhancements August 2017

With the update taken on August 6 the look of Campus Instruction and Assignment Creation have changed somewhat. You may add any course that you teach to an assignment. If you would like to organize your assignments by Units and Lesson Plans please contact the IC folks at (read more)

Infinite Campus – Campus Instruction Enhancements

Campus Instructions Enhancements release August 2017

WHERE’S the INDEX? scroll down or click on this link.

With the update taken on August 6 the look of Campus Instruction and Assignment Creation (see linked article) have changed somewhat.

The landing page when logging in to Campus Instruction has changed. You will land it what is now (read more)

Adding an External Tool to Schoology Courses

After the Digital Curriculum Support Specialist adds the LTI tool and information (at the district level) to Schoology, then teachers can add it to their courses. Please submit a helpdesk ticket to request LTI integration with Schoology before adding to your courses. If this is already complete, follow the steps below.

Click here to submit (read more)