Ad Hoc Student Selection Editor

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Blank Spreadsheet with Covid Designations

IF YOU ARE USING THE OLD (STANDARD) LOOK IN IC: You’ll need to click on “custom links and reports” at the bottom left side, then click on “Covid19 Roster Template.” IF YOU ARE USING THE NEW LOOK IN IC: Click on the “instruction” tab on the left-hand side, then select “Covid19 Roster Template.” When (read more)

Attendance in a Hybrid Learning Environment

When taking attendance from the Control Panel the Physical students are at the top and the Virtual students are below. Mark Physical students Absent or Tardy, as it applicable. Mark Virtual students Participated as applicable To see Grade Levels of students in the class go to Attendance on the Index. Again the Physical students (read more)

Understanding Family Home Filtering and Restriction Scenarios

This document outlines several options for families to use to filter the Internet connection available to their students.  While the Internet will be filtered at school, families may choose to implement filtering options on their home networks, as student devices will not, at this time, be filtered beyond the school.  Be aware that any filtering (read more)

Meet the Teacher

Meet the Teacher is St. Vrain’s adopted platform for scheduling parent-teacher conferences.

Complete Instructions for Set Up, Teacher and Parent Instructions and Troubleshooting Tips

Setting Up for Conference Schedules

Creating In Person ConferencesCreating Video Conferences

Directions for Teachers

Teacher Instructions and screenshots for in person conferencesTeacher Instructions and screenshots for video conferences

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Linking to Webex from Schoology

In Materials, select “Add File/Link/External Tool”

The default setting in Schoology is to open the link within a Schoology browser. To get your link to open in the app, you must click the “Open in Schoology” icon until the selection reads “Open in new window”.

Default setting: This indicates the link will attempt to (read more)

Adding a Cohost to a Webex Personal Room

Adding a cohost to your personal room allows another SVVSD staff member (team teacher, substitute, aide, etc.) to host a meeting in your personal room if you are not there.

To add an alternate host to your Webex Personal room, log into with your staff SVVSD credentials and follow the steps below:

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Elementary Parents Attendance/Participation Check-In

Log in to Infinite Campus Parent Portal for daily Check-In of Elementary Students for Attendance/Participation

Attendance During Full-Time Online Learning

After logging into Infinite Campus Instruction, attendance may be taken through either of the ‘Control Center’ or ‘Attendance’ tools.

View from the ‘Control Center’ tool

View from ‘Attendance’ tool. Elementary Parent Instructions

After logging into the Infinite Campus Portal, parents of elementary-level students may “Check-in” their child(ren).

Directions for Parents to (read more)

Schoology and Notability

Watch the step by step video from GrantCoble – NHS

Submit and Assignment From Notability to Schoology – @JanetteHaines, ITC

(1) Tap Share icon Select Other Apps(2) Choose FormatTap Share Note(3) In Notability, select as PDF if no video or audio)(4) Scroll and tap on Schoology(5) Tap Submit to Assignment(6) Select Course, Select Assignment(7) Tap Upload (read more)