JamfControl is a dashboard application that gives school MDM administrators the ability to perform certain actions on student iPads in their buildings.

*Access to JamfControl is only available to those who complete MDM training. Please submit a work order to arrange training.

What can you do with JamfControl?

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Padcaster Set-up and Use

Welcome to your new Padcaster Kit! This page will give you information about basic set-up and use as well as ideas for how the Padcaster might fit into your lessons.

Your Padcaster kit comes with a district issued iPad and iPod touch to support your media creation. These devices are inventoried and must remain with (read more)

LTP Techoices Code Kit

Coding is a skill that teaches problem solving and team work across many discipline areas. This kit will provide codable objects to support a classroom of students.

Support documentation for this kit can be found here

What’s included:

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LTP Techoices Collaborate Kit

Working in pairs or small teams is a part of many student activities. This kit provides tools for small groups to project and share ideas with one another.

Support documentation for this kit can be found here.

What’s included:

Choose from one of these 3 options: Option 1 Option 2 Option 3 Quantity Item Quantity (read more)

LTP Techoices Create Kit

Giving students the tools they need to create artifacts to demonstrate learning is a powerful part of supporting engaged learning. This kit provides students with tools to draw, sketch, annotate, and write more effectively with their iPad.

Support documentation for this kit can be found here.

What’s Included:

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LTP Techoices Communicate Kit

Learning to communicate effectively is an essential part of all academic areas. The LTP TeCHoices Communicate kit provides your school with the tools needed to create videos, audio recordings, and 360 images. All tools in this kit are designed to integrate with the use of an iPad.

Support documentation for this kit can (read more)

Troubleshooting District Printers via Self Service on Macintosh Computers

The new Self Service application (installed on all Macintosh systems in the district) now allows users to troubleshoot district-installed printers on their Macintosh computers while on the district network.

You can find Self Service in your Applications folder, or simply click on Spotlight, type “Self Service” and double-click the application to open (read more)

Adobe Licensing Changes Fall 2018



In order to provide the best possible software solutions for our students and staff, DTS is working with Adobe to improve how users acquire, and access Adobe products. Sometime during the Fall 2018 semester, Adobe software licensing will transition from a computer-based model to a user-based model. DTS will handle any necessary (read more)

i-Ready System Requirements

iPad Support 2018–2019

Some Vocabulary lessons (Grades 3–5 ), less than 3% of our instructional content in Reading—will not be available on iPads at the beginning of the school year but will be replaced with iPad-accessible lessons by the end of 2018.

i-Ready officially supports all iPad models that meet the following criteria:

A6X Chipset (read more)

Site-Funded iPads and MDM Switch

The week of June 18, 2018, DTS will be switching to a new Mobile Device Management (MDM) system, called Jamf.

All non-LTP iPads purchased by school or department funds that are in our current MDM, LANRev, will be affected by this switch!

iPads that WILL NOT be moved over from LANRev to the new MDM: (read more)