Schoology and Notability

Watch the step by step video from GrantCoble – NHS

Submit and Assignment From Notability to Schoology – @JanetteHaines, ITC

(1) Tap Share icon Select Other Apps(2) Choose FormatTap Share Note(3) In Notability, select as PDF if no video or audio)(4) Scroll and tap on Schoology(5) Tap Submit to Assignment(6) Select Course, Select Assignment(7) Tap Upload (read more)

How to Upload Google Forms to Schoology

Once your Google Form is created, you can upload it to Schoology in multiple ways. But, respondents must be signed into their SVVSD Google account in a different tab to be able to access the form.

Embed a Google Form in a Page

To embed your Google Form in a page, open your form (read more)

Schoology: Building Your Course

Schoology has a wide variety of features and capabilities, allowing teachers to create a course best suited for them and their students. To learn how to navigate Schoology and how to utilize its many features, click on the desired topic below and watch or read the linked content.

A Beginner’s Guide to Navigating Schoology (read more)

[external] Email Tag in Message Subject

Most email scams begin with messages from an external email system. As part of the St. Vrain Valley Schools effort to reduce phishing and other email scams, these external email messages will now receive an [external] tag in the message subject.

Example of an Internal Message Subject:

“Welcome to the new school (read more)

How to Turn in a Schoology Assignment using Google Drive

1. In a Schoology assignment page, select “Submit Assignment.”2. Select the “Resources” tab.3. Select the “Apps” icon, then select the “Google Drive Resource App.” You may need to select “Approve” if this is your first time using the app.4. Select the check box on the document or item you would like to submit.5. Select (read more)

Using Schoology Discussions as Email or Blog – Elementary

Overview: A teacher can create individual discussion posts in Schoology for each student and assign it to that student. Only the teacher, student, and associated parents can see the discussion. 1. In Schoology, open course and select “Add Materials,” and select “Add Discussion.” 2. Add the student’s name as the title of the discussion (read more)

Schoology and Infinite Campus: Discrepancies with Grades

If you use grade passback and there are discrepancies between your Schoology and Infinite Campus gradebooks in which the grades are different for the same student, please check the following settings. 

Double check that categories in both Schoology and Infinite Campus are the same weight and name. For example, “Assessments” are weighted at 70% (read more)

Electronic Permission Form / Formulario de permiso electrónico

As a parent of a student attending St. Vrain Valley Schools, you now have access to a tool which will allow you to sign permissions for your students electronically. Log into Infinite Campus Parent Portal. Como padre de un estudiante que asiste a las Escuelas de St. Vrain Valley, ahora usted tiene acceso a (read more)

Communicating and Providing Feedback to Students and Families in Schoology

How to give feedback and communicate with students in Schoology:

UpdatesDiscussion PostsMedia AlbumsRubrics

How to communicate with parents in Schoology:

Course Updates

How to support Schoology Parent Access:

Mobile Device SupportComputer Device Support (read more)