Cyberpatriot Setup

This is to provide supplemental setup information to prepare for the CyberPatriot competition. Download the software as indicated in the email provided by the CyberPatriot organization. As instructed below, download the software to the Public Documents folder on the local computer. The set up instructions work as presented in the email. Additional instructions are (read more)

Grades for withdrawn students

In Campus Instruction Go to Account Settings – bottom left



Once there uncheck Show Active Students Only and Save

Click on Post and Post to quarter/semester

Students who are active in the class, who show up in blue will have their grades (read more)

Troubleshooting an Incorrect Password Message with St. Vrain Mail on an iPad

If there is an incorrect password message when attempting to set up an email profile on an iPad, but the password is correct, there are two settings to check in the St. Vrain Mail interface. To check these, please log in to on a desktop or laptop computer (not on Safari on the iPad (read more)

Troubleshooting Apple ID Issues

Here are a list of common Apple ID issues and how to troubleshoot them. Current information on Apple IDs can be found at Apple’s Apple ID Support site.

Issue: User has forgotten password Resolution: Have user go to to reset the password. If they cannot remember the answers to their security questions, have them (read more)

Computer repair procedure

This document is intended as a guide for repairs and may not fit every situation. Parts or repair costs will be evaluated against the cost of an equivalent replacement computer, with the computer value depreciating at 20% per year over its 5-year viable life.


DTS will not charge labor, so all costs below refer (read more)

Chromebook Service Process

To determine if the Chromebook is supported by the LTP, take a look at the asset tag. Asset tags that are BLUE are LTP purchases and will follow the LTP directions below. If the asset tag is RED or GREEN, then the Chromebook is not an LTP purchase and should use the non-LTP directions below.

LTP Chromebook: (Work ticket must (read more)

iPad Frozen at the Lock Screen


iPad is stuck at the lock screen with no response when swiping to unlock. The iPad cannot be powered down and a reset by pressing the Home and Power button does not restart the iPad


This can be caused by a user attempting to create multiple nested (read more)

Non-LTP iPad Service Process

For iPads that are purchased outside of the Learning Technology Plan (LTP), use the following guidelines to facilitate a hardware repair.

To determine if the iPad is supported by the LTP, take a look at the asset tag. Asset tags that are BLUE are LTP purchases and will have the entire repair process facilitated by (read more)

Mac Mini resolution issue when projecting

If you are experiencing an issue where text is nearly unreadable when projected from an LTP Mac Mini, please check the following settings:

Go to System Preferences (often found on the dock) and select Displays.

Display settings refresh rates

Under the Displays menu you may need to change the refresh rate. On Mac (read more)