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Description: AirServer is an application that allows an iOS (iPad/iPhone) device screen to broadcast on the screen of a Mac, which can then be projected, allowing teachers and students to wirelessly present with an iPad.


  1. In order to have the reliability with projecting wirelessly, you should restart your laptop every morning while in the school building.
  2. After running your awesome session with students, you must disconnect your iPad properly from Airserver! For more information on how to disconnect properly, check out Featured Support article on AirServer Basic Use below.
  3. When not using AirServer in your classroom, quit out of AirServer.  This will help everyone!

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Can my AirServer license be moved from my LTP-purchased Mac to another computer?

No, the software needs to stay with the LTP-purchased Mac since it is the primary display computer in the classroom and will be refreshed in the future.

Can I buy my own copy of AirServer and have you install it?

When DTS purchases a copy of AirServer, we add it to our existing license key so that we can deploy the software and update it for you automatically. With personal purchases, installation, license key entry, and updates are manual, so we don’t have the capacity to support this.

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