Data Protection

Starting February 1st, 2023 St. Vrain Valley School District will begin implementing tools to help safeguard sensitive data within the district.

Google Drive Data Protection

Sensitive Data Sharing Warnings

Beginning February 1st, 2023 all Google Drive users will begin seeing warning when trying to share sensitive data with people outside of the district. This means that if your document includes information such as Social Security Numbers you will see a new shield icon on the share button.

Google Drive Sensitive Data Sharing Button

When trying to share the document with an external person you will see a new warning making sure that you intend to share sensitive data.


What does “Sensitive Data” mean?

  • Sensitive Data will initially include Social Security Numbers, but overtime more data elements (like taxpayer identifier numbers) will be included.

What if I get a warning that the document contains sensitive information when it really doesn’t?

  • If you think that a document has incorrectly been identified as containing sensitive data please reach out to the DTS Help Desk.