Schoology to IC Gradebook Setup for Grade Passback

Schoology Grade Setup


Open Course > Grade Setup

  • Add Categories AND check Weight Categories.
    • Click +ADD to the right of the Categories header
    • Category Name
    • Calculate by TOTAL PTS
    • Drop Lowest – don’t use. Doesn’t sync with IC.

Once one Category has been created then the option to Weight Categories becomes available.  Check that Box and then Go to the bottom and Save Changes. Enabling weighted categories displays a new Weight field for each Category name.

Then you can add the correct weight to your first category and add other categories and add the weight as you create them. Weights should total 100%. It is optional to have a 0 weight category that will not affect the overall grade.

Grading Periods & Final Weights

Final Grade Settings

Set the Gradebook Scale to SVVSD Secondary unless it’s a Pass/Fail class

Control Grading Columns in Gradebook

Checking the Total points column is helpful when troubleshooting between Schoology and IC.

Visibility Settings

The Visibility Settings are optional as Overall Grades are hidden from Parents on an Administrative level. Checking these boxes hides the overall grades from Students. Infinite Campus is the Official Record for students grades.

Score Display

Don’t check this box.

Copy Schoology Settings

Once a course’s Grade Setup is complete it can now be copied to any or all of your other courses.

Infinite Campus Grade Book Setup


Open the Grade Book and go to Settings > Categories.

Be sure Sections is set to ALL. In the bottom right click Add.

Repeat for additional Categories. Total Weight should be 100%

Click on the Category Name to Edit it; change percent or add courses. Once an assignment is in the category it can not be removed from the course.

Grade Calc Options

For High Schools the Grade Calc Options are set up on the Course Master Level and pushed into Courses and Sections at all the High Schools that use the High School Course Catalog. These options are locked.

In Grade Book go to Settings >
Grade Calc Options
Click on Continue
Click on Fill Options
Select In-Progress Grade from the Drop Down

Set up and then click Save in the bottom right. This needs to be done for ALL classes.