Access Testing iPad Prep

ACCESS testing will primarily be run on student 1:1 iPads with Chromebooks to be used as backup devices.  No other device type will be used for ACCESS testing.  

Prepare enough Chromebooks as backup devices to cover 10% of your maximum number of concurrent test takers (for example, if a testing session has 100 students, you should have at least 10 Chromebooks ready).

Please note that every device that will be used for testing needs to be verified and configured using these instructions.

❯ Update to iPadOS 15 or Later

Update – All iPads that are going to be used for assessment must be running iPadOS 15 or later!! 

  • Please verify that every student device that is going to be used for ACCESS is running iPadOS 15 or later.  This needs to be done before installing the DRC Insight App.
  • Follow these instructions to have your students update their devices. 

Install and Configure 

Download and Install

The DRC Insight app will be available for download in Self Service on all student iPads. Once the app is installed you will need to:

Enable Access to the Microphone

On first launch, the DRC Insight App will ask permission to use the Microphone.  Please select “OK” to do so. If “Don’t Allow” is accidentally selected, follow the directions in the section below about enabling Cross Site Tracking.

Disable Siri

Open Settings -> Siri and Search

Turn Off Listen for “Hey Siri” AND Press Home for Siri 

Enable Cross Site Tracking for DRC Insight 

Open Settings -> DRC INSIGHT (scroll down to near bottom of settings)

Turn On Allow Cross-Website Tracking

If the Microphone is not enabled, turn it on as well

Run the App Check

Follow these instructions to test the application.  This must be done on ALL student iPads that will be used for testing. 

NOTE – You may not see your school name in the Location field. This is normal, as we are distributing server load by grade level rather than school this year.

For the day of testing

All students need to have their 1:1 iPad with them.  All other devices (cell phones, etc) should be fully powered down.

It is critical that all iPads arrive at school FULLY CHARGED for the day of testing.

Keyboards  For grades 3-12 all testing will be done with the built in iPad keyboard. K-2 can use the touch screen. 

Please keep Chromebook carts available and ready for testing.  If a student forgets, does not charge, or has any issue with their iPad, the Chromebook will be the device they will be using. 


Here are a few tips to help with known issues and their solutions:

  • Org Codes – DTS was able to configure the iPadOS app so that there is no need to enter org codes. If an org code appears to be required, delete the app and reinstall from Self Service.
  • Speaking test will not launch  – This is most likely due to Cross Site Tracking not being enabled for the DRC insight app.  Follow the instructions above to verify that Cross Site Tracking is enabled for the DRC insight app.
  • Restricted Site Error – If you see the error below when launching the application, it is likely that the student has Screen Time Restrictions enabled for the device.  If this is detected early, you can work with the family to allow the following sites in the ScreenTime Allow list:

If the following error occurs during the day of testing, then the student must move to a Chromebook to complete testing. 

  • Audio Issues – If you are having issues with hearing or recording via the headphones, then quit the DRC App, reconnect the headphones, and launch the DRC App again.  Be aware that the headphones issued by Assessment also have a volume control on the cord that should be checked. 
  • Connection/Server Issues –  If you see any errors with connecting to the content server, please verify that the device is on the svvsd network, and NOT the svvsd-guest network. 
  • App Check FailuresThis addresses some common errors when running the App Check for DRC insight:
    • Operating System Level
      • If you see a Red !  it means that the device needs to be updated to at least iPad OS 15.
    • Service Device Connection
      • If you see a Red !  it means that the device cannot connect to the server for content.  Please ensure the device is on the svvsd wifi network (see image below).