How to Submit Hours via Kronos for Learning Technology Program Site Coordinators

The Learning Technology Program Site Coordinators (LTPSC) will start clocking-in via Kronos for extra duty hours, rather than submitting a paper timecard.

District Technology Services (DTS) has submitted LTPSC names to payroll so that DTS will be added to their Extra Duty drop-down menu. Note: It may be necessary to browse to find the option.

If you have someone that is not listed as a LTPSC in Kronos, please contact Lisa Brooker, and she will have payroll add that person to District Technology Services (6110)/LTP.

The LTPSC can access Kronos through ClassLink, or by going to Note: To clock in, the computer must be connected to the St. Vrain Valley School District network, which includes the svvsd Wi-Fi network.

How to Access ClassLink

  1. In a Web browser go to
  2. Enter district Username (lastname_firstname) and Password
  3. Click Sign In

How to Access Kronos in ClassLink

  1. In ClassLink, click the plus (+) symbol in the upper lefthand corner to Open App Library
  2. In the search box, type Kronos
  3. Click Add underneath the Kronos icon
  1. Close the App Library by clicking the X in the upper right of ClassLink
  2. Click the Kronos icon to open
  3. If prompted, enter district username and password and click Sign in

How to Submit LTPSC Hours in Kronos

  1. Once signed into Kronos, click My Timesheet
  2. Click the blue plus (+) sign to add another line
  3. Choose the Labor Level (i.e. Erie Elementary/Media Technician), and then select District Technology Services (6110)/LTP from the Extra Duty drop-down menu
  1. Make certain to Clock In when your hours begin, and then Clock Out when you are finished.

IMPORTANT: To track your hours with the task you performed, you must add a Note to your clock-in. If you do not add a note, your time will not be approved. See below for a list of condensed Task Names.

New Condensed Task Names

We have condensed the task names to make it easier for the LTPSC to track in the Daily Notes section.

  • Coordinate or plan with campus support team – Plan
  • iPad distribution, check-out, and set-up – iPad Projects
  • Insurance distribution communication and tracking – Insurance
  • Family Communication – Family
  • Coordinate, plan, provide training or professional development – PD
  • Ticket Submission or Minor Tech Support – Tickets
  • Mobile Device Management tasks, such as monitoring iPadOS versions, updating iPadOS, application installation, erasing and re-enrolling, assigning level restrictions, clearing passcodes, reporting iPads missing or found, and digital detention – MDM
  • Prepare devices for assessment – Assessment
  • Secondary: Fee Management – Fees
  • Secondary: Assign, Track, and maintain Payment and service plan agreements – Fees
  • iPad collection, check-in, and storage – iPad Projects 
  • Other LTPSC related tasks – OTHER