AirPlay FAQ

Question: What is the difference between AirPlay Receiver and AirServer?

Answer: AirPlay Receiver is Apple’s technology that essentially allows you to turn your macOS laptop or desktop into an Apple TV. This technology has been built natively into macOS Monterey 12.x or newer. AirServer is a 3rd party application that the district provided to try and mimic Appleā€™s AirPlay technology, before AirPlay Receiver was introduced with macOS Monterey.

Question: Is AirServer being replaced?

Answer: Yes. Due to the unreliability of this 3rd party application and inconsistent connectivity, this product is no longer able to be supported by the district. Apple AirPlay Receiver is now the supported method of connecting devices wirelessly for presenting.

Question: Can I have my AirPlay connectivity display open on my projector screen while I used my laptop screen to do other tasks such as attendance or email?

Answer: Unfortunately at this time, once a device has made an AirPlay connection to your computer, you may only choose one display for the wireless device to show up on. If you would like this feature you will need to hardwire your iPad to your computer. For more information on how to hardwire your iPad, check out this article.

Question: Can I have more than one device connected at a time?

Answer: At this time Apple only allows for one connection at a time.

Question: Can other people connect to my macOS device?

Answer: Yes! District assigned Student iPads, Staff mac laptops can connect as long as both devices are on SVVSD Wi-Fi network.