Infinite Campus Messenger 2.0

For all Infinite Campus users that send ‘ShoutPoints’ or Messages from IC:  

Messenger has had an extensive redesign. It is now called Messenger 2.0 and consolidates many classic Messenger tools to optimize your experience and enhance Messenger performance. With a new look, Messenger provides you with the added ability to send messages from mobile devices to Students, Parents and Staff. In addition, there are  added navigation buttons to provide easy movement back and forth between screens when creating a message.

Below are two links to get you started.  (Hint: Open Campus Community before clicking on the links!)

Video overview.  

Enroll in the course. Then click on the Call Recording button on the right side of the screen.

Additional Information. There are links within this page under What can I do? AND What Do I Need to know?

The new version is available in both the ‘Classic’ 

and ‘New Look’ of IC.