Student and Teacher Access to Digital Curricular Materials Beyond the End of Term

Student and teacher access to digital curricular tools, including Schoology, is dependent on active enrollments in classes in Infinite Campus. A student must be enrolled in an active class with a teacher assigned in order to have access to the Schoology course and digital curricular materials associated with that class.

Because we now offer nearly year-round programming, terms in Infinite Campus are back-to-back, with no gaps in between. This means when the spring term ends:

  • Courses in Infinite Campus end;
  • Schoology courses are archived;
  • Digital curriculum attached to these courses may no longer be available;
  • Infinite Campus rolls over to the next year and the summer term begins;
  • Digital curriculum attached to summer and fall courses becomes available to students rostered in these courses.

Click here for a link to critical dates for the 2022 summer.

Question: How can I ensure that my students who need extended time beyond the end of the term continue have access to the materials they need to complete their coursework?

Accessing and Submitting Materials

  1. For a few students who need a little extra time to finish coursework, Google Drive and email – tools that students are familiar with and use regularly – can be used to deliver and collect educational materials and assignments.

2. For larger groups of students who will need access for an extended time, teachers can request a custom Schoology course by filling out this form. Keep in mind:

  • Students will need to join the custom Schoology course with a code that the teacher provides;
  • Custom Schoology courses are not tied to Infinite Campus and therefore there is no grade passback;
  • Teachers can copy materials from archived courses and resources (personal or group, if available) from Schoology into the custom course.

Digital Curriculum Content

Each vendor manages access to digital curriculum differently. There are three options for teachers or students who need access to content after a term has ended:

  1. Use print materials, if available;
  2. Download, print, and gather materials needed out of the digital platform before the end of the term;
  3. Digital Curriculum for classes varies by vendor. Please reach out to your Curriculum Coordinator for assistance obtaining access to these course materials.

Infinite Campus Grades

  • All assignments will need to be added manually to Infinite Campus gradebook to calculate the overall grade.
  • For high school courses, the grading window will need to be reopened in Infinite Campus so that teachers can post grades that will then be written to the student’s transcript.