Auditorium Router Equipment

Small stand-alone routers may be used in school auditoriums to connect mobile devices to light and sound boards.


  • DTS will assist school in by recommending and in selecting appropriate routers
    • Generally inexpensive 2.4GHz
  • DTS will assist school auditorium staff with configuration
  • DTS will tag routers with a red asset tag and add them to the district’s technology inventory system


  • Routers are to be turned off when not in use
  • Routers are never to be plugged in the district’s wired network
  • Routers’ 5.0GHz wifi is disabled to avoid conflicts with the district wi-fi
  • Router SSIDs are to be named like: AMS Soundboard Router


  • Router admin accounts are to be “Admin”
  • Router passwords are to be complex, shared with DTS, and recorded in 1Password

see 1Password for DHCP configuration information

Auditorium Contacts