PaperCut Print Deploy

The PaperCut Print Deploy application is used to manage your district printers.

It is available for installation through the Self Service application. Simply open Self Service, locate Print Deploy, and then click Install. When the installation process has completed, the PaperCut Print Deploy icon will be located in the upper right corner of the Finder menu bar.

PaperCut Print Deploy will require you to authenticate using your district credentials. Be sure to check the Don’t show me this again box to avoid having to authenticate on a daily basis.

IMPORTANT: To access the PaperCut Print Deploy Sign In window, click the PaperCut Print Deploy icon, and then select View my printers.

Note: The icon is located in the upper right on Mac computers and the bottom right on Windows 10 computers.

This will open the PaperCut Print Deploy window for you to sign in with your username (lastname_firstname) and password. Make certain to click Don’t show me this again.

Dialog box for installation of printers via Print Deploy on a macOS computer.  Icon is being shown as in the application tray.

After signing in, SVVSD-SPEAR will automatically be installed on your computer. Any additional school district printers need to be added using the directions below.

To add a building printer, click on the PaperCut Print Deploy icon and select View my printers from the drop down menu. Next, click Add printers on the left side. The window will populate with available printers in your building. If they do not appear, click Refresh my printers in the PaperCut Print Deploy drop down menu. After the building printers have populated, select Install next to the printer you wish to install on your computer.

Follow these steps to change SVVSD-SPEAR Printer Settings on a Mac computer:

  • Select Printer Features. The other options will no longer work.
  • Scroll down to Print Type: to select between 2-Sided or 1-Sided printing.
  • Scroll down further to Select Color: option (it will be listed twice). To print in color, change the first Select Color: option to Auto Color. This will ask you to confirm and it will change the second Select Color: option to Full Color.
  • After changing your printer settings, make sure to select Save Current Settings as Preset… under the Presets: option, and then save your new printer settings.