St. Vrain Valley School District Mac Login Overview

The St. Vrain Valley Schools Mac Login consists of the main sign in window, which uses Single Sign-on (SSO), and buttons with functionality that will be explained below.

The following list explains the login window functionality, with numbers in the diagram matching the numbers below.

  1. The Forgot Password and Click Here links in the login window are not active at the login window as they would be in a normal web browser page.
  2. The Shutdown and Restart buttons will shut down and restart the computer, respectively.
  3. The Local Login button will allow an offline login when the computer does not have Internet access. This requires that an account has logged on with Internet access in the past. The most likely scenario for using this would be in the case of a laptop not having access to the Internet when traveling.
  4. The Refresh button will reload the SSO login page. If the login window doesn’t allow keyboard input or does not appear as above, refreshing can sometimes resolve this.
  5. The Help button brings up this page.
  6. The Keyboard language button brings up a list of keyboard types that can be used. If this does not match the keyboard you’re using (typically English > U.S.), it will need to be changed.
  7. The Wi-Fi Connection button brings up a list of nearby Wi-Fi networks. Any network that requires accepting an agreement or an additional login cannot be used at this screen. This can include some networks in coffee shops, airports, and other public facilities, as well as the svvsd-guest network. If you are in this situation and have logged in to the laptop you’re using before, just turn off Wi-Fi with the blue and white switch at the top of the menu and then use the Local Login button. You’ll be able to connect to the network as you normally would after logging in to the computer.

Having problems? Check out the troubleshooting article here!