Linking Sections in Schoology

To protect the integrity of student submissions and course materials, linking/unlinking Schoology sections is available on the Monday before the first day of the term to the following Monday. Unlinking courses midterm will result in the permanent loss of student submissions, grades, and course materials.

In order to link sections in Schoology, please make sure of the following:

  • Course names and course numbers are the same.
    • Math 6 P1 can only be linked with other Math 6 sections, not Math 7.
  • The section admins are the same in all sections.
    • Add co-teachers in Infinite Campus or manually in Schoology.
    • Reminder: Section admins will be able to see all materials and student submissions for all sections linked.
  • Enrollment in each section must be unique. Do not overlap in the students.
    • Student A cannot be in Math 6 P1 and Math 6 P3
  • Grading period must be the same for all sections.

To learn how to link Schoology sections, please visit this Schoology support page for detailed information.