Creating Manual Classes in Seesaw

  • Before creating a class, please gain approval from your school administrator and only include PK-3 students who are already shared in Seesaw via ClassLink.
  • Make sure you are associated with your school’s Seesaw Premium account.
  • To ensure accurate data, all manual classes are archived annually at the end of May. Please do not unarchive the classes.
1. Select your name in the upper left hand corner, then select “Create New Class.
2. Name your class with what is best for students and select a grade level.
3. Select “+ Students” in the lower left hand corner.
4. Ignore “Get Home Learning Codes.” Students use ClassLink to login to Seesaw.
If you do not see this screen, contact your school admin to add you to Seesaw Premium. Moving to the next steps,
5. Select the blue button titled “Add Students.
6. Select “Add Students” one more time.
7. Search by name, email, or PID (not student number).
If a student does not appear, do not add them. Please ensure they are in PK-3.
8. Select “Add # Students to Class.”