Schoology : App vs Website

Best Practice Guide for Schoology App versus Schoology Website

When to use the  Schoology iPadOS AppWhen to use Schoology in Apple Safari Web browser
If you are NOT a LaunchEd Teacher AND…If you are a LaunchEd Teacher OR…
You are using Google Drive AssignmentsYou want the View as Student function
You want to Embed Google Slides within SchoologyYou want students to be able to see Media Album Comments 
Your students are using the Notability app to work on or turn in assignmentsYou want students to be able to view the pinned Announcement on the top of your course landing page

Best Practices for Schoology Use

  • Join the Schoology Q&A Group in Webex Teams
  • If something you are attempting to perform on a district iPad does not function in the Apple Safari Web browser, try the Schoology app, or vice versa
  • When creating content for Schoology, check to see how it looks in both formats

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