District Issued Cell Phones

District cell phones are provided to specific employees and roles to support the work of the district. Department and school supervisors are responsible for reviewing and approving all cell phone requests from their department or school staff.

The updated cell phone process is online and uses a tool called Kissflow to submit and approve requests. Paper requests for cell phones will be returned to the employee with a request to use the Kissflow online request form.

The workflow for an employee cell phone request:

  1. Employee Request: The employee requesting a new or upgraded phone will use the Cell Phone Request form to submit a request. Select your phone, personal use, and hotspot options. If you are moving from a personal phone and wish to transfer your number, provide it and select whether or not the number transferred is coming from Verizon.
  2. Supervisor approval: An email will be sent from Kissflow ([email protected]) to the supervisor when a cell phone request is entered by an employee. Use the link in the email to open and review the request. Supervisors are the responsible for ensuring that cell phones requests are approved for each requesting employee. This step also requires that an account number be provided from the drop down list. The department/building budget will be responsible for the the monthly cell service charges. Most supervisors will only have one account number to choose from, so it’s pretty easy! Additionally, supervisors can request that the district pay for the monthly cost for mobile hot spot service. If hot spot service was requested by the employee it will be charged to the employee unless the supervisor requests otherwise.
  3. Finance review: Verifies that the correct account number was provided.
  4. CFO approval: All requests are reviewed by the CFO for final approval.
  5. Phone is ordered: If the requested phone is no longer available, you will be contacted to get a new selection.
  6. Phone is received: DTS will send phone to employee via district mail.
  7. Payroll processing: Ensure the correct deductions for the employee and department budgets are in place.

The workflow for submitting a request for a department shared cell phone is similar. Shared cell phones are only approved in specific circumstances when a phone is not assigned to a single person.

Only department heads can request department shared cell phones. The department head must sign into Kissflow and select the form linked here.

If an approver wants to enlist the help of a secretary or administrative assistant, they can be configured so that the approval task will go to the approver and the assistant. This means that the assistant can help remind the approver (or skim the request to ensure it’s okay) or even just approve it outright themselves. If you want this ability send an email to Michael George and Lisa Brooker at DTS.

Cell phone Guidelines and Information

District cell phone service is provided by Verizon.

Cell phone plans include a shared pool of minutes, unlimited internet access, and unlimited texting. Department and school budgets may be used to pay for iPhone plans for employees below the Assistant Principal level only with the express written permission of the CFO. A monthly plan charge of $50 will be charged to the department or school. The total amount listed for a phone will be paid by the employee through a single payroll deduction.

Personal Use: If employees select personal use when requesting a phone, they agree to abide by District policies including the District’s Internet Acceptable Use policy at all times. A monthly payroll deduction of $25 is required in exchange for this option and includes up to 1,000 voice minutes and unlimited texting / data each month. Voice minute usage over 1,000/month incurs a $10 charge; 2,000/month incurs a $15 charge.

Mobile Hotspot option: The option to add a Mobile Hotspot (unlimited data) is available for an additional $10 monthly charge.

St. Vrain or the employee may cancel either of these options without cause with a thirty day notice.

International Travel and Cellular Service: If you are planning international travel, contact Lisa Brooker, DTS, at least 2 weeks prior if you will need to add an international plan. The employee is responsible for any additional cell charges that are incurred during international travel.